Bitcoin chart makes my mind peace-loving

There is several big events showing Bitcoin as bullish. Being aware of them will make your mind clear and peaceful.

First, the price bounced for the third time on the TR lower trend-line. This one pointing up.

The other is not as much as noticeable, but as much important.

As our old friend Wyckoff pointed out, in an accumulation trading-range, the bearish volume tend to get lower and lower. This is shown by the descending red line on the screenshot. 

Notice how only buying volume broke it, as the green arrows show.

Short-time analysis

This 4H chart demonstrates how sellers are losing weight:

  • The price makes higher lows and higher highs
  • On the RSI we see that despite the bears pushing the momentum down, the price doesn't follow their pessimism

Right now, the "uptrend" is still shy, there is no real volume nor real move. A fourth retest of the daily support shouldn't be excluded.

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Hoping it goes back up, will be interesting how the next few weeks and months go.

I think the more it touches the bottom line the more it is likely to break the bottom trend. Something that happened to gold price chart which led to long term bear market for gold.

Btc have to going up from now

i still thing we can go much lower before we changre the trend up

I made a large bet with a friend that BTC would be above 15K by the end of the year! Easy money!

I hope this bet is secured by a smart contract. No cheating allowed on bets 😜

Easy money!

Very insightful post. I do agree on the Bullish trend of Bitcoin. Hope we will reach a higher ground.

Yeah..Nice review,,
Bitcoin/Dollar chart is so well,,I hope this will increase on the next month,,,
Thanks for sharing

Nice one!
Yeah, that's true that there are several big events showing Bitcoin as BULLISH.
Thanks bro😊

I'm so new to trading, so I don't "really" get this. I know a lot of people are waiting on this run.
However the reason I'm replying is to tell you I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR DISCLAIMER!!!😁😁

Yeah my disclaimer have a lot of success 😜

Really bitcoin has come to stay. I love trading on bitcoin more than the market stock. Though for some days now, crypto market has been really unfair to me. But i always feel motivated to push harder.
Bitcoin is the 21th century's money.

Market is nor fair nor unfair 😉
It won't adapt to you, you have to adapt to it

Let's see if the underlying trend line holds! might be reason to go long here.

hi all!!!!
i think the btc price it has been manipulated, thats why the price it not going to high.
good luck to every one!!!!
have a great day!!!!

Some people may want to accumulate cheap bitcoins.
I speak about it in my previous article

Dope man. So what do you think about Bitcoin hitting $50 000-00 by the end of this year? Is it likely?

50k$ is totally possible

Amante de la paz o del billete? ; )

Ambos 😉

Good analysis @toucancrypto

Thanks 😉

We will see the behavior in the following days and thus be able to make better conclusions, thanks for sharing!

The future will tell 😉

I use the Ichimoku indicator and according to it, it does seem the price is going to bounce back up. It just seems to be in cloud at the moment and I can't say for certain it will unless price jumps out of the cloud.

yea , looks not bad

We all are know this time is bad for bitcoin. But we are thinking it will be overcome. The main thing is when it will be happen we don't know.

Men i was thinking just the same thats why the Money i had Frozen went to buy Btc again... Letswait for at least an 15% reveanue im the next couple days or by Tomorrow we never know

Don't use USA based exchanges if you don't want to get your money frozen/stolen without reasons 😜

bitcoin price currently hold $7000-$8000 its very bad for steemit sector

Why do you mean it's bad for steem ?

Looking at the daily chart I think we have to wait for a test of the 6800 level on June 10 before a major upside breakout.

Yes, as I said in my previous article, there might be a final shakeout before big gains come

Per my analysis we are testing 6800 today, June 10.

I hope btc start to rise because all other coins are related to it.

How far can BTC go by December end

50k$ wouldn't surprise me

Are you almost sure can I accumulate one or two more

Looks like we can expect a bullish outbreak after all the wait and fall...
It may be the best time to buy Bitcoin at this stage.

a very good post, and I hope btc will go up.

bitcoin price going up and stable not isn't?

I had wheaties for breakfast

I had tea with biscuits and a mango.
I put honey into the tea.

Most of the cryptocurrency market is bleading atm, now s a good time to buy, a bull run might be coming. By the end of the year BTC will probably hit at least 30k due to mass adoption. Blockchain tech is here to stay peeps!

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Bitcoin price is now 7.518,45 $

Thanks you for this precious information, it will help me to do more in-depth analyzes .
Please can you tell me what is the current updated BTC price ? As we don't have any other mean than you to get it.

Thanks buddy

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