Are We Giving Up On STEEM?

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Many a user has become dormant as the result of the bearish value of STEEM. Moreover, dolphins in the blockchain with many followers can also testify to the fact that fewer percentage of their followers interact with them. This malady has to be tackled if we desire to see STEEM reaches $500...


The Value Of STEEM Lies In Our Hands

The currency usage is very important. The value of STEEM requires our believe in it. We all know STEEM is BTC dependent but, our individual usage can make a difference. It is evident that the currency won't fail and we should not leave and wait till it gets better.

Taking Advantage Of The 'Bear'

The current situation can be turned into advantage. As a matter of fact, this is the right time and opportunity to build our presence. There's no other best time than now.

The Future & Conclusion

STEEM's value will rise and HODLers will benefit. With things like SMT in development, the future of STEEM is inevitably bright. Hence, it is highly advisable to HODL, buy more and never sell short. Hold up, and see what HODLing means ;)

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