Introducing Castle Crypto - A Blockchain Gaming Review Website

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago

Hear ye, hear ye.

I am excited to announce a new ongoing project to find and review the best in crypto gaming!

As many of you know, 2017 and 2018 were plagued with ICO scams and projects that had no intention of ever going anywhere, all the while plundering wallets as they went.

In a sea of lies and fools, there are some valid projects that deserve some praise due to an honest effort to create an entertaining gaming experience while fostering ownership of digital assets that no one can take or fake.

Therefore, I'm happy to introduce Castle Crypto!

castle crypto logo.jpg

We are assembling a team of writers and gamers on a mission to:

  • Create an account, log in, and actually play the game if possible which includes spending our own ETH through MetaMask
  • Learn absolutely everything about the beta if no playable game is available
  • Shred games that appear to be scams or have no intention of putting together a worthy game
  • Put together how-to guides or other helpful content

We are NOT here to call something a scam unless it warrants it. Every project will be given a fair shot.

We are currently taking submissions and requests for games to play and review. Also, we would love feedback from the community, which includes changing a review should new information become available (example - playable game turns out to be a scam).

Other topics in the crypto space might sneak in like airdrops or altcoin discussion, but the majority of the focus will be on blockchain games.

Some example games we have played or dug into:

  • Steem Monsters (challenge me! @theriz)
  • Gods Unchained
  • Etheremon

Coming soon:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Decentraland

Got any upcoming games that warrant a hard look?

Do you want to join our team of game reviewers and writers (paying gig)?

Send us a message through the contact form on our website.

Please also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for ongoing updates.

The drawbridge has lowered.

Welcome to Castle Crypto.

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To anyone reading this, I know @theriz personally and he's a great guy and a big supporter of Steem Monsters as well. I would encourage everyone to check out Castle Crypto and if you're interested in being a game reviewer to reach out to him!


Thanks man! Steem Monsters is addicting as hell!


Do you like to play games?
There is a new game called drugwars which is build on steemit.
You can check it out here:!/ref/@niel96

Are there any blockchain mmo rpgs playable or in development yet? If I could just get a World of Warcraft type game with a full crypto economy, I would be so happy.


As of right now, I am not sure. This space is so new that finding a game that far along in development that is both truly a crypto game and truly a MMO RPG would be tough. I am sure it is coming!

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You should probably edit this and establish whether any positions are paid or not, and I'd assume they are, but still...


For game reviewers and writers? I stated that they are paid at the end of the post.

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