Powerful Automated Trading Tool and Bot for Cryptocurrencies I use

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You thought trading is hard? Yes, it is hard, and risky! But if you use the right tools trading becomes easier and a pleasant experience. One of the strong reasons I started trading altcoins instead of just hodling is because I discovered leonArdo, an automated trading tool that I use now as my main trading tool and platform to visualize my trades and keep track of my coins.

LeoNardo changed my view of how trading is done. You can connect leonArdo via API with all major Exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, BTC-e, Bitfinex etc. That means you don't need to login anymore to the exchanges, you can control and maage everything from leonArdo. Very convenient.

The tool has two powerful features for automated trading:

  1. Static Ping Pong
  2. Margin Maker

the names are quite obvious, so for Ping Pong what you can do is set up a trading strategy on a pair like ETH/BTC, choose your buy and sell price, choose a margin win you want to achieve, and start it. the tool takes control and keep buying and selling back and forth at the desired prices, without you having to wait in front of the computer. This is perfect for sideway markets.

Margin Maker, as the name suggests , it calculates automatically the range the price might move in the given time period (30m, 6h, 12h) and then can start automated buy and sell pairs at the calculated prices while continuing to recalculate dynamically the range the price moves in the meantime. Sounds like magic, isn't it?

well, it's not perfect, if the prices are jumping drastically outside of the range, the tool will stop to stay out of potential danger, pump and dump actions.

The tool is not for free, it costs a onetime fee, depending on how many exchanges you're using. I got my money back in the first day of trading using the tool. I bought the version with one exchange, 89$, because I use only bittrex.

The good news is that you can test the tool for free on all exchanges with demo BTC and ETH, so you can get familiar with the powerful functionality before you connect your own real exchange account to it. I also recommend to watch the tutorials on the site a few times, to fully get the potential of the tool.

To convince you, here's a screenshot of the trades leonardo made in the last weeks (I cut the money parts)

Interested? Use this ref link, you get the special offer and preferred premium support from the guys from marginsoftware with it : http://marginsoftware.de/pricing-id85653.html

I hope you like it guys, let me know if you have questions.

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Hi! I was interested in using this tool too some time last month and now I'm trying this one for reals! So I downloaded their app and generated an API Key in Bittrex however when I used it on the app it says: The Secret key you gave is not registered to this product. Can you possibly guide me thru the set-up? I would like to try their demo first before purchasing. Many thanks!


HI! In the demo version you can use all exchanges without the API key, however with Demo Coins!! The real API key you need only when you decide to buy the real version of the tool, there you need to give a part of the key in the registration form, so that your copy of the app is going to be activated for that particular API. I hope it makes sense! let me know.

Have you actually been profitable using the margin maker strat?


yes, it works good for me. I pick coin pairs with sideways movement, sometimes the price stays in the same range for days.. and usually I chose smaller margins, 2-3 % per trade, it's safer and faster than waiting for a big swing to happen. .