Rob You(r) Hood - ROBinhood Cryptographic Analysis

Robinhood is a stock option trading platform that boasts a Zero Fee(which is false) trading option, but in reality it is just a ponzi using Cryptographic assets without giving users the ability to hold their own holdings in cold storage or in a transparent manner. The are committing fraud on a mass scale, and are probably running this exchange to short cryptocurrencies as a whole. As we all know the Satoshi is the most transparent currency in the world, but Robinhood thinks its untraceable and is used for illegal activities. aka POPO-Lambo. Which is why robinhood will be holding your satoshi against your dollar, for you. This is fraudulent and should not go unnoticed. This is a centralized attack on the BTC community, and should not go unnoticed.

here are the email details

Attachment was my BTC Ledger Nano S Cold Storage.

Horrible Explanation as cited.

and my final response before selling my 1.5 million satoshi.

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thanks bro. your post is very insightful, and the service looks to be well reputable. Im going to try it out this week. :)

1.5 million satoshi 🤣. Love the way you count


it is what is is. :D


its not that much..... :-)


who cares? its not about how much it is, its the principle. Robinhood is selling satoshi without giving people sovereignty over their own Satoshi! I could of brought more, but I was just testing the service.

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