Low Price = Less activity on Steemit

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

I have been into crypto for nearly two years now and I have witnessed ups and downs from time to time. I had never thought that bitcoin will reach 20k, not until the end of 2018 but market took a huge turn and we all saw btc at 20k during December last year. Bitcoin acted as a driving force for other cryptocurrencies and almost every single coin exploded afterwards including many shit coins.
Steem also had its rise during the beginning of January this year which resulted in more people posting on steemit as they were getting huge money those days.
Now the prices are very low and so are the posts published in steemit. Less and less people are posting today including me as I used to post regularly and now I post twice or maybe thrice in a week but I will try to improve that and write more.
This bear market has effected the people and steemit users in a negative way.
I remember some of my favourite youtubers have stopped uploading their videos as bear marked has effected them as well. People aren't much involved in crypto now as they were in 2017.
Once the bear market is over people will again start posting on steemit and I do hope it ends soon.

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I hope the markets get greener soon. I for one don't really mind the price of Steem/SBD, I keep posting away as this has always been my stage to have my writing out. But yes prayers are surely for the prices to get better :P


Keep posting!

Less activity means less competition for the reward pool share... Time to make some long term investments and earnings :)

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I have only been in steemit for 5 months, but in any case, keep up the spirit, maybe with this information it will encourage me to be even more excited.

very good information thank you guys.

Keep the spirit 👍

even though the SBD price dropped, it was still spirited