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I am HODLING my crypto..

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago

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Last year in December, the crypto market was on all time and we touched a peak of nearly $838 billion market cap. Everyone was optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency including me and every person who heard about the crypto at that point of time wanted to get hold of some, that included each and every type of persons who were in it to make some quick bucks. I was very happy at that point of time because my small investment of hundreds was converted into thousands and I was looking for more profits at that time.

Eventually the correction started but at that time I thought that this is going be a small correction but never had I thought that my investment of four figures will again be converted back into three figures.
I could have easily taken some profits when the market was at all time high in December but I never did because greed got better of me. Now I do regret my decision of not taking some profit at that point of time. I had not invested big money but if I had sold half of my portfolio last year, I would have been less worried about the current situation.
The fact that I was heavily invested in alts cost me more because alts go down more rapidly as compared to btc or ethereum.

I have however learned the lesson that whenever you are in profit, take a small portion out in order to bring some stability to your out of crypto life.
However I will never sell my crypto even if it reaches 0
I know there will be a next bull run, it doesn't matter how much time it takes but we will see a bull run for sure and therefore I am not selling my crypto. Cryptocurrency will get recognisation throughout the world tomorrow if not today. I believe in cryptocurrency and it is the future.


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Na baya galat chukh sochan, yi crypto dubavi....

hodl hodl hodl

I'm too holding my crypto

I am on the same situation, never sold my crypto(but I don't have so many)

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