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 Blocktrades is one of the few cryptocurrency exchange I like to use because of it’s simplicity and user friendly features. Most especially blocktrades exchange is newbie friendly.

I remember when I first joined steemit last year and earned some SBD and steem, being my first crypto earning I now had to find a way to convert to my local currency. After searching online and reading some reviews I settled with blocktrades and have not regretted it, although it was my first time on the website I was able to convert my earned SBD to BTC without issues and as if I have been doing it all my life. 

I realized I had made a smart choice when about that same time I read other steemians complain about having their SBD and steem stuck on some exchanges for extended period of time. I have been using blocktrades for my crypto exchange since then I would recommend it to anyone to use especially crypto newbies so I was so excited to find out blocktrades have introduced an affiliate program. 

Right now to be an affiliate one needs to have a blog or website to embed the widget codes but i hope the come up with the option to generate affiliate links that could be shared without the need for a website or blog. 

If you are a interested in finding out how to start earning crypto currency by referring customers to blocktrades here is a link below to read everything you need to do to become a successful blocktrades affiliate


nice post, i don't have a webiste or blog i own so i can't participate but its a good innovation by @blocktrades, thanks for sharing

its nice to know blocktrades is newbie friendly, i havent tried its service yet though with this review i am sure to try.

I followed you and up vote. please followback @huanmv

You should stop this if you really want to stay here for long.

yes i agree with you totally, blocktrades is more user friendly and expedient, i remember last year when my sbd was stuck in poloniex for over two weeks, it was really frustrating.

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