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TraderDaddy Owl WELCOME TO TRADERDADDY! TraderDaddy Owl

For those of you who don't know about TraderDaddy, it is a completely automated, web-based trading program and algorithm that ANY cryptocurrency trader is able to use. It's entirely web-based so there are no binaries to download, meaning there is no potential risk of malware harming your computer and best of all you will literally be trading while you're asleep. It currently works only on Bittrex (Steemit account @bittrex), but in due time more exchanges will be added.

Small TD image How it Works

Traderdaddy is comprised of a very sophisticated trading algorithm that is not only a combination of some of the methods you are already familiar with, but some new and unique concepts as well. Over time TraderDaddy will learn from trades, market movement, other users, their trading bots, and continue to improve its trading algorithm.

The simplest way to explain how it works is the bot places a spread on the books and as the orders are filled the bot automatically places a "mirrored" order that has a target of 1% profit, meaning that the bot will NEVER sell at a loss. As the market swings down the bot catches the lower prices and buys get filled, then as the market rises again the mirrored sell orders are filled. You can selected any market on the exchange to trade!

You can start with just Bitcoin, just Altcoins, or a combination of both, but it is recommended to start with only Bitcoin. Starting with just Bitcoin will be a quicker start to trading since TraderDaddy does not need to sell off altcoins first.

Small TD image Lets Get Started

First and foremost, TraderDaddy comes from the Rubycoin developer with intent to increase the usability and demand for $RBY. Users must hold 500 $RBY on the exchange in order to be granted access to the bot platform, thus TraderDaddy is considered to be "conditional freeware." When the bot detects 500 $RBY in the user's account it will automatically put them at a very high sell order so that they are not traded when the bot is active so you don't have to worry about the bot selling them off.

1. Read the FAQ on TraderDaddy's website

It's important to go through the FAQ in order to properly understand the in's and out's of the bot before getting started.

2. Make a brand new account at Bittrex

This is extremely important. Even if you already have an account you must create a new one to use exclusively for TraderDaddy. The reason for this is that any kind of manual interference (i.e. withdrawing altcoins or manually trading) will alter your account's database and prevent mirror orders from ever properly placing.



Bittrex Registration

3. Enable 2FA at Bittrex

TraderDaddy works by using API keys unique to your exchange account. You must enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) before you can generate new API keys. Log into your Bittrex account, click "Setup" and on the Setup page click "Two-Factor Authentication." From there you will be required to use an app to scan the QR code. Google Authenticator is what most use.


enable 2FA

After enabling 2FA you will get an email from Bittrex asking you to authorize 2FA which will take you to a page that looks like this:

confirm 2FA

Enter the code displayed from your Authenticator app into your Bittrex screen and click the "Enable Two-Factor Authentication" button.

4. Create a new API key for TraderDaddy

Navigate to the API page on Bittrex, click "Add new Key."
Its extremely important that you select the proper settings for your key. As seen in the picture below, only the first 2 options should selected: "READ INFO" and "TRADE LIMIT"
After selecting those 2 options, put your 2FA code from your app in and press "Update keys." This will display both your Key and your Secret.


Generate new API key

5. Create a new account


After clicking "Register" enter your email and a secure password

TraderDaddy Registration

You will then receive an email from TraderDaddy asking you to confirm your account.

Confirm TraderDaddy

TraderDaddy log in

You may see this page below after attempting to log in. If that is the case, please be patient as new users are being added regularly. While you wait for account activation you may join the TraderDaddy & Rubycoin Slack and/or TraderDaddy & Rubycoin IRC channels.

TraderDaddy wait for account activation

6. Review the FAQ

Now would be a good time to review the FAQ again so you have a very clear understanding of how this program works before you gain access into the program. Its also very important that you understand how the budget and allocation work. TraderDaddy will attempt to use ALL of the Bitcoin and Altcoins deposited into your accounts to trade on the markets you have activated within your TraderDaddy account.

TraderDaddy budget

7. Set up your TraderDaddy account

After your account has been enabled, TraderDaddy will walk you through the steps in order to get started. First, you must put in your unique API key and secret that was generated in your Bittrex account

API key and secret

After successfully putting in your key and secret, press the "Update" button and TraderDaddy will navigate you to a page where you select the markets you wish to trade on. You may select UP TO a maximum of 5 markets.

** Please note, it is required that you have a minimum of 1 BTC in your account, and recommended that you have no less than 1 BTC per market selected available for the bot to use. This is due to the way the trading algorithm works and is necessary in order for the bot to be used to its fullest potential.

market selection

After selecting your markets, press the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page. TraderDaddy will then take you to your Dashboard where you can see your selected markets, adjust your budget per market, and view your account stats.

As you can see in the picture below, you cannot enable TraderDaddy until it detects 500 $RBY in your account.

TraderDaddy dashboard

You can adjust your BTC budget allocation between your selected markets at any time. It is not necessary to turn TraderDaddy off in order to make these changes.

You may also change your selected markets at any time by navigating to the "Manage" section on the left side of your dashboard and selecting "Trading Markets."

TraderDaddy change markets

Select your new markets (up to 5) and press "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen again. When you change your markets, it could take up to an hour to reflect those changes on Bittrex, as the user accounts are updated hourly.

If a market is deselected TraderDaddy will continue to place matching mirror sells until all of those altcoins have been sold. There is nothing you need, nor should, do manually in your Bittrex account. Let TraderDaddy take care of it!

Extra notes for new users

  • Please keep in mind that it is a "slow start," meaning that you may not see many active orders until it has been trading for a minimum of a full day. The longer it is active, the more it trades.
  • Your dashboard updates are not instant. They could be delayed by up to an hour.
  • It is not recommended to only chase the high-volume markets when deciding what to trade. Select markets based on your own research and decisions about what markets and projects you wish to support. Of course, it is recommended to select the $RBY market, as that is what is powering your bot.
  • TraderDaddy is designed to be a long-term trading solution for users, so constantly changing your markets will likely result in lower gains.
  • Review the FAQ regularly so that you have a clear understanding of everything.
  • One last time...Do not manually make any trades on your account!!
  • Have fun and let TraderDaddy work for you!
  • Please consider following Rubycoin on Twitter.

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Sort: is currently down... be careful

I understood that, if the bot works as said in post. Truly, This is a very good and promising bot one can look for.

As @stoner19 said, 1.6% per day is a very very great deal and worth the 500 RBY

If it sounds too easy or too good to be true! Well guess what, it is too good to be true. If computers could genuinely predict HUMAN behaviour we'd all be playing the stocks/cryptos.

What goes up - MUST COME DOWN

Don't get me wrong - I trade - successfully - with my own brain, logic and algorithms. Sometimes I win / Sometimes I lose. My wins outpace my loses = success.

That is the great thing about this. A market coming down means that the trading algorithm is able to pick up those coins for cheap and then resell for profit when the market corrects again.

As I've said previously, I approach every situation with skepticism, especially in the world of crypto. Only way to find out if it works is to try it yourself. Its trustless. The bot isn't able to withdraw your funds. You still have complete control over your account, API, keys, funds, etc.

While you can't withdraw, you could still exit dump by putting some low ball buy orders from another account and hitting em through the apis. How do I know that people behind this project are trustworthy and have little incentive to do the described scenario?

@stoner19 I think I would like to try this but can you comment on Bitconnect? Isn't that a bot as well?

Good post

"** Please note, it is required that you have a minimum of 1 BTC in your account, and recommended that you have no less than 1 BTC per market selected available for the bot to use. This is due to the way the trading algorithm works and is necessary in order for the bot to be used to its fullest potential."

You mean i must invest 5btc in bittrex to use this bot ? And another 500$ in RBY ?

Nobody is telling you to invest anything, but if you want to use the trading program 1 BTC per market is needed due to the way the trade algorithm places orders. And it being "conditional freeware," yes, you will need the 500 RBY, which is currently at about $0.45 USD, so its closer to $225 USD, or roughly 0.08 BTC at current market price.

Nobody is forcing your hand on this. Its entirely optional to use. And why allow users to gain access to this for free?
The whole idea is to provide a simplified and automated trading program that anyone has access to while still supporting the developer's original project, Rubycoin.

As suggested in the tutorial, feel free to join slack or IRC and ask questions. There are plenty of users that will show you stats from their accounts validating the legitimacy behind this.

Can we use 500 RBY and a smaller amount of 1btc to test it out ?
Or it is not worth it ?
Thanks for your answer.

The bot won't allow your account to start trading if it doesn't detect the 500 RBY so that is required no matter what. As far as the 1 BTC goes, I don't have any say or control over that matter. I've seen it work fine with less, but I also know first hand that it works 100x better with the proper amount of funding. My suggestion would be to join the Slack channel. I can fully see why putting 1 BTC on the line for this sounds super risky, considering the value of BTC these days.

Iiiiiiinteresting, other than rubycoin adoption is there anything else they are getting? I like to know where everyone's incentives are.

The entire idea is to create true demand for Rubycoin, and there will continue to be development for Rubycoin.

Thanks for sharing :)

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Oh this is cool. I have to check it out

This is so interesting but unfortunately I don't have 1 BTC available ;/

Just scooped up 25,000 RBY. Time for this coin to soar.

I think the 500rub clause should be changed according to the price of rub

Sounds to good to be true. Will do some more research on it though

I might actually try this, what returns do you see?

Between my accounts I'm averaging 1.68% daily.

I actually gave the idea for conditional freeware to kassado and fyrstikken back in the day. Both of whom did not give me credit for the idea.

Yes this is. It's been over 3 years in the making, multiple versions released, and finally a stable version with more users currently active than ever before.

Always approach everything with skepticism, especially in crypto. But feel free to join the Slack team or IRC channels and there are plenty of users that will gladly show you screenshots of their accounts to validate this.

how many account do you have?

I personally have 3 accounts. This is due to wanting to diversify my trading and the 5 market limit. We are limited to 5 markets because of the open order cap at Bittrex.

When I start earning?

Totally makes sense. thanks for the reply. I am excited to start using traderdaddy. Just need to finish the margin trades that I am in. So your average is about .5% per day, which is still really incredible!

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Cool bro wishing you the best!

Thank you. I just publish, what I believe to be my most professionally done article yet. Please have a look.

... i LOVE how the GoldeN RATIO SHINES - )))
WheN something BEAUTIFUL is aFOOT !!! - )))

SynchrO-MystiC L(if)E - )))

greb'Z )

.. a couple of QUEST-i-ONS ?? - ))
IS YouR ac-count 'compounding' daily' ?? - ))
... and, is the software taking adVANTage of VOLATILITY ?? - ))

... in the Li(G)hT of BITconnecT .. this SOUNDS AMaZING !! - ))

.. thanks )))

I want to clear this up a bit. The 1.68% is the average profit per trade. Total daily gains range from 0.5% to 1.5%, depending on market volatility.

how is your average above your range?doglovesmining.JPG

So 604% a year? That's amazing.