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Kucoin is an Altcoin Exchange that’s based in Hong Kong that has recently come to be more popular over the following month, with an onboarding userbase over 2 Millions users from around the world. Despite having been just released in 2017.

Known to be ‘’The People’s Exchange’’, KuCoin seems to offer more support for its users compared to its competitors. We can see this from their support for 11 different Languages; with widely spoken ones like English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German & Spanish.

This particular Exchange offers a variety of digital Assets and has since become a worthy competitor to Altcoin-based Exchanges like Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex.

Similar to Binance, KuCoin also features its own in-house token known as KuCoin Shares (KCS), somewhat unique allowing users to not only save on transaction fee’s but also earn dividends from market activity.

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KuCoin, may be considered to be one of the more risky platforms to trade on, as the most obvious issue with this Exchange is the fact that it’s registered in China, which raises concerns among Investors due to recent Cryptocurrency crackdown authorized by it's Government, however the fact is that it's actually a Hong Kong based Exchange which is not accepting Fiat Deposit, has allowed it to stay clear from China’s Strict Cryptocurrency Regulation.


As mentioned on their official Website, the team was founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts boasting years of experience with some it’s members having worked alongside industry giants like Ant Financial and GF Securities.

KuCoin was founded by Michael Gam, who was once a technical expert at Ant Financial Services Group, formerly known as Alipay, which is an affiliate company of the Alibaba Group, considered to be one of the most valuable fintech company in the world. Michael Gam has also been a senior partner at and MikeCRM, making him an qualified individual with years of experience when it comes to being a FinTech Enthusiasts.

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His partner Eric Don who is the COO of KuCoin, has also established himself within the Chinese Tech Space, known for his years of work as a systems architect & Internet research analyst for companies such as YOULIN.COM, KITEME, and REINOT

With over 12 Core members, the founding team behind KuCoin consists of well experienced individuals, who some are from Chinese leading institutions. According to their website, KuCoin was developed from the year 2013 and has since been managed by a reputable Group whose plan is to decentralized certain parts of the Exchange in the future


Kucoin features a clean web-based layout that makes easy for amateur investor to begin trading on it, featuring trading Pairs for Bitcoin, KuShares, Ethereum, USD Tether and Bitcoin Cash Markets.

Unlike existing popular Exchanges, when it comes to Charting on KuCoin it seems they’ve taken a more simplistic approach through the integration of TradingView, the world’s leading online Financial Charting Platform.

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Besides offering a Web-based layout, developers have worked on a native Mobile Application for iOS/Android, allowing users to depend less on third-party applications while enjoying the convenience of trading with a smartphone.

Since TradingView is used by millions of traders, it will be easy to learn from tutorials on how to use Indicators & chart like a Pro. Just search from the thousands of submitted guides online that will teach how to use TradingView, users will find that the integration on KuCoin will offer greater convenience as opposed to learning how to use a custom Trading Interface usually featured on independent Exchanges.

Overall KuCoin’s has successfully developed a web-based trading platform with a plain Layout that boast some advanced charting tools, powered by TradingView that Trader certainly will find convenient to use


When it comes to Fees, Kucoin is competitively charging a mere 0.1% on each trade, minus any discount for holding KCS tokens. Kushares can be used to pay trading fee’s and allows traders to earn daily dividends of a whopping 50% of all trading Fee’s charged on it’s platform, letting users earn passive income for a variety of Cryptocurrency pairs offered


The greater the volume & market activity, the more dividends in form that of that particular Cryptocurrency will be redistributed to all KCS holders, hence allowing those who invest to Kushares to build a portfolio over time, this is gives it a greater incentive to hold when compared to the Binance Token. There is also a buy-back program burning 10% of the supply,

When it comes to withdrawal, it seems that most of the active trading pairs have really low withdrawal fees. Even when you compare them to popular Altcoin Exchanges. Believe it or not, some have zero fees, like for NEO & GAS. There are zero fee’s imposed for deposit, but overall Kucoin has incredibly low withdrawal fees, for Altcoins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin which you can check it out here


Unique Staking token (KCS)
Altcoin Staking Distribution (NEO=GAS)
Simplistic & Advanced Trading Platform powered by TradingView
Low Trading & Withdrawal Fee’s
Variety of Trading Pairs


No Fiat Deposit Trading
Relatively Low Liquidity
Operates in HongKong
New Exchange

Overall Review

Kucoin aims at providing users a platform for Digital Asset Transactions and Exchange Services which are substantially safe and convenient. From integrating premium assets worldwide, to constructing a state of the art transaction platform.

It seems also that Team seems to quickly list potential Cryptocurrencies pairs, allowing them to attract Traders in need of a Platform. KuCoin offer incentives to hold Hold, Trade and purchase Cryptocurrencies on it’s exchange


Join KuCoin

Register yourself on KuCoin and begin Trading without having to verify yourself on the Exchange, enjoy the variety of Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs offered only on it’s Exchange. Happy Trading :)

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Amazing review on KuCoin, I honestly haven't used their platform just yet but I really like the NEO incentive and their Dividend system. Awesome work!

Well analyzed and research report about kucoin exchanges. I just hope they will be in business for a long term, because from the recent crackdown on crypto currencies exchangers in main town China by the government of China gives many a call for concerns.

But I do believe with the new innovation and technology that is been implemented on the platform makes them customers choice when it comes to crypto currencies trading and exchanges. Nice post @steemitguide


I hope the KuCoin Collaborates with the Chinese Government! There is a lot at Stake when it comes to Exchanges. So Politics + Security will always be a concern, hopefully they exist for many years to come. I'm definitely a fan of Kucoin

Hello.. Thanks for making this post.. Please help me get started too, follow me and upvote my posts and resteem them..

This was my Introduction post And I need help for people to see it!
Thank you !!!

Steem Love to you !

KuCoin indeed is one of the best and most reliable exchanges out there.
Good stuff. Upvoted :)

I love the idea of Kucoin dividends in all sort of crypto. But it will be nice if they can give back in selected coins.

I am a user of KuCoin and feel it has real potential! It just takes time to develop and grow. The concept is sound. I only wish I saw more effort in the marketing department. I'm a long term supporter of KuCoin and am looking forward to watching its succeed!

Thank you for your information. I also got some bonus from Kucoin everyday

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