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We all use banking facility in daily life. A bank is a place where we go for ask loan and also many monetary facilities. All banks govern by a third party may be it is government or any organization of that country. Mostly bank have limited number of branches and not one bank has worldwide facility. Where Crypterium is a bank which can be accessed from anywhere across the worldwide. 

From 8-10 years we can see the crypto market is too progressive.Day by day there is number of people attach to cryptocurrency. It removes the third party between transactions that is why people like cryptos very much.

Currently, when we transfer money from one bank to other in any other country there is a lot of delay in transaction clearance where cryptos made that transaction instantly so if we have a bank account on Crypterium blockchain then it is more faster than crypto transaction because there is no need of bank in the transaction.The whole transaction is based on cryptocurrency. It shows that Crypterium changes the current banking system and develop a new era of banking.

The Crypterium is more user-friendly than current banking system because user handles  his account via mobile.

If we want a loan, no need to go bank and request from bank manager to pass the loan, and no need to give a donation to pass the loan. This is the most important feature of Crypterium because they provide loans facility in a user-friendly manner with a proper rule regulation. Crypterium changes completely the loan process.

This is the bank in a mobile which can be accessed from anywhere worldwide with 100x faster transaction speed.

It makes the world closer and makes trade better and efficient and fast.

Crypterium transaction charges are too lower than any other banking charges.

It makes advance the crypto world by implementing the use of cryptos in daily life for shopping, parking, Restaurants, Street retail and online stores.

Working graph of Crypterium-

How  ease of use of Crypterium-

Image source-Image Source-

Features of Crypterium-

  • No limit on transaction volume.
  • No more wait time for card issue.Currently, we have to wait for cards.
  • Currency Exchanges does not require, Crypterium paid in both fiat and crypto internationally with the instant of time.
  • There is no cashback or loyalty program in current banking system however in Crypterium have these salient features which attract more user.
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Mark O'Brien is the new CEO Crypterium this will skyrocket the price to $ 13

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