Will The Market Recover Soon?

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago


What's your opinion? When will we see the market recover? It's been a long bear and we could all need to get some upside trend going to reinstate the overall confidence into the crypto space.

Yes, it's not all about the price only but unfortunately many things depend on it as the world is ruled by money somehow...

So let me know your opinions on the so much needed bull market to come back :)

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

You may rely on it

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

If we don't see serious upward movement (BTC heading to, or past 10k by the end of October 2018, I think we'll be in for a sad 2018 and maybe most of 2019 too.

Surely all the weak hands have left the party now!?

I do think it'll come back October, and it's amazing how fast good news spreads.

wird bald abgehen

My sources Say YES :)

We will reach an ATH by the end of the year. I don't see the predictable cycles ending any time soon.