Might Litecoin & Monero Eventually Join Forces?


Atomic Swaps between Litecoin and Monero? Might this eventually become reality in the near future, bringing two huge communities closer while combining the benefits and advantages of both blockchains involved? I would really love to see this happen but so far it´s all still just a rumor, or is it?

It all began with a tweet from Riccardo Spagni aka @fluffypony in which he´s pretty much obviously kidding about a possible merger between the Litcoin and Monero Enterprise Alliances. But somehow the retweet of Charlie Lee made it sound a bit different after all...


As you can see Charlie claims to actually having proposed this idea to Ricardo before, which makes the whole thing sound less like a joke right away. In my opinion it makes it actually more sounds like it´s pretty likely to happen but that they don´t want to announce anything publicly yet eventually.

Further he adds two more tweets on it, in which he explains the benefits for both projects that would arise through it and finishes it all with the words, that it wouldn´t be an "unexpected surprise" anymore in case it happened.


Regardless of whether it might eventually happen or not one got to admit that Charlie Lee is simply a master in spreading rumours about litecoin without telling us any lies after all. That being said, I´m bullish on both those coins as they are legit projects with a huge potential and backed by awesome teams!

What´s Your Opinion On This Story & The 2 Coins?

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@steembusiness I own some LTC and now I guess we just wait and see...............

Same here, I'll hodl and wait for the good news to come. I mean Charlie promised sth will happen in 2018 ;)

i want to buy ltc. very good blog share. thanks

Me too 😂 I want to buy more LTC as well among some other coins.

I have both LTC and XMR. They both have a large and dedicated community. However, lately I am having a hard time finding a real use case for Litecoin other than just sort of being a testnet for bitcoin. I think wide adoption is the main issue. I still don’t see that I will be using Litecoin to buy coffe.

I just recently read that BTC will never be able to serve every human around the world, so therefore we need e.g. Litecoin to cover others. It's just like euro and usd, but in the end they do the same ;)

Good point. I agree with you regarding BTC. I am sure its future is not as a transaction currency. However, there is at least 10 other coins I can think of that does everything LTC does, and does it faster than cheaper, and does a few other things on top of that. Like I told you, I am long LTC for a while and I have no reason to sell it. Just wondering about the tech and its future use. Recently heard that Starbucks is considering crypto as a payment mechanism. I will be surprised if it is Litecoin.

Litecoin markets fell a bit as well, as the $180 level has been too much resistance. I believe that the market will eventually go looking towards the $150 handle, but if we were to break above $200, that would be a buying opportunity. The downtrend looks to be ensconced in the markets, and I don’t think that we have much in the way of momentum or desire to go higher at this point. Although volume is still light, the largest candle for volume of course was negative, which of course is the norm in crypto currency trading these days. I believe that we are going to continue to find reasons to drop.

useful sharing

The market follows the movement of BTC, which is down about 40- 50% from its highs so logically the rest is down as well. It'll recover soon ;)

I’m a fan of Charlee lee and litecoin. I need to study more about monero. It had tons of growth last year and I feel like the crypto world is still very positive on it. I hope it happens and happens soon. 🤞

I really like both coins a lot. They have strong communities and are working without issues so that a merger would IMO just be awesome :)

If they do this I bet their prices will sky rocket like crazy.

I am still waiting for bittrex to allow new accounts, but I read I can use blocktrades and then binance to diversify my steem, is that right?

That's correct :) I use @blocktrades a lot as well, it's just really easy to handle and a very reliable service after all!

Thanks! Do you know any good tutorial about how to do that? I mean to go from

Steemit —> blocktrades —> binance —-> some safe wallet

That would be super amazing since I have a lot of litecoin.

Are you just excited about a short term price increase or the actual benefit of the merger in regards to the use cases?

Wow that swap will help the market also.

In case it happens it'll be big news and awesome for all Litecoin and Monero users :)

Well I am not a cryptoexpert and you probably have better understanding of the market than me but I think Zencash will do very good in the future after I studied privacy coins, Monero.

I think the merger will bring new benefits to both altcoin users.The different altcoins have already proved the crypto-community with their different functionalists and purposes that were hard to predicate when bitcoin was newly implemented in the initial days.

It's a welcoming dev. for them, I hope it will acceptable by both communities. Great Post

The technical aspects of a "merger" are fascinating and in my mind it illustrates just how vibrant and filled with possibility blockchain is.

I know ltc future is very nice and this coin is best for long term trade hmm and thanks for share this news

litecoin is one of my favorites

A merger between those two coins will be good, not just for themselves but also for cryptocurrency investors.
The cryptocurrency space is still volatile at the moment (many are still expecting a major bubble burst), so I think a merger assures that both stand safe (Litecoin has never been unsafe though)


It could definitely bolster the markets confidence, having two decently respected coins band together like this. A little bit of stability perhaps?

Would be very interesting to see if this ever works out !

That was joke, no alliance exist, usually fluffy taking a crack at people on Twitter, treat his post as humor

very good, thank you share

it's amazing if there really is a merger between Litcoin and Monero

Can you tell me why you are bullish on lightcoin? You may convince me not to sell. I was for a while and got on right before that crazy bull run, but since Charlie sold his share and said some things that he must know would bring the price down, I’m much more skeptical. If bitcoin and Etherium speed up and lower costs a bit and some other dapps coins catch up , it also makes litecoin redundant.

I'm taking it simple: Monero is super amazing in tech but "too small", LTC is decent in tech but has a huge market cap and exposure.

If it actually happens, that could finally stabilize XMR's position in the well-deserved top10. I assume at least.

Anyhow, Monero awareness is always a good thing to witness.

There are so many awesome things happening with cryptocurrencies. The combination of two strong coins would be awesome as that brings communities together and opens up new use cases.

Man this would be amazing !!!! thank you for this post. Anon coins will be big this year , your already seeing governments starting the crack down.

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