Golem (GNT),Cardano (ADA) 24h price growth good news part 4

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago (edited)

Golem (GNT)-12%,Cardano (ADA)- 16.63% 24h price growth in coinmarketcap.

Golem (GNT):
24h last price 0.00005067 BTC/$0.323671
total marketcap $271,638,297 USD
24h vol 1,378 BTC
total supply 1,000,000,000 GNT

Golem Markets are available 1.bittrex,binance ,upbit,poloniex,zebpzy,koinex

Cardano (ADA):

total marketcap 549,065 BTC
24h vol 15,841 BTC
total supply 31,112,483,745 ADA
maximam supply 45,000,000,000 ADA
24h last price 0.00002118 BTC/ $0.135337


bittrex exchange:
current rate 0.00002103 btc/$0.13
24h vol 607.37000000 btc
24h high 0.00002140 btc
24h low 0.00001926 btc/$0.13


Bitcoin is leader and for well being of its followers that is other cryptos depends on leader's well being. informative mate. mgsc member.

@sohel7421 it was just a hype
Price will decrease again..
I think bitcoin will come again under $6k..
And ADA also ...
What you think.??

is month pe alt coin growth hoga. down thora hoga

Can you prefer some altcoins??

@sohel7421, last night was really a thankful night for all crypto investors.
Thanks to Bitcoin, Which spiked more than 8% ($600) within 3 hours.
Yet I have a doubt about Sudden crash in market. because market is still unstable..
And the main reason behind #ADA and #GNT growth is only Bitcoin.
Because Bitcoin pushed every coin 10-20% within hours.
What do you think about this market growth, its game of #whales or it's natural growth.

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Ada coin is good long term hold coin me experience this coin jan.2019 minimum 5 dollar expedite

@sohel7421 Can you tell me some tips about Strom . I have invested but market not lifting. Please comment

cryptocurrency market seems positive today.


Which coin i batter golem(GNT) or Cardano(ADA).
I have invested in Cardano.....

short trum ke liya gnt better,or longtrum ke liya ada.

Ok filhal ke liye to mere pas cardano hai. Waise bi short tem me tread karte hai na to paise aadhe ho jate hai... Haha

Friend mere blog ko bi thoda upvote kardo...

mera steem power bohot kom he mera 1 upvote upko koi faida nehi hoga

Fir bi kar do kai dikkat nai hai...

What about strat?
I have invested in it!
Pls share your opinion on that sir, @sohel7421

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