Social Wallet Partners with iOlite Labs!

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iOlite Social Wallet Partnership

Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is a hurdle that the entire blockchain community faces. If the blockchain and cryptocurrency want to grow, then more people need to use it. For more people to use it, dissemination has to happen. For dissemination to happen, people have to understand the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

At this final step, of making the blockchain and crypto easy to understand, stands a great blockchain solutions provider by the name of iOlite. Their dedication to bringing more people to the blockchain echoes our own and that is why we are grateful to announce our partnership with them!

What Does iOlite Do?

iOlite is a blockchain solutions provider with a trainable language-translator built on the blockchain. What this means is that their platform enables you to program in any language, including English.

So, let’s say that you want to write a smart contract, but are not that technically gifted, which is perfectly fine. The blockchain can be a pretty complicated place. Well, their platform allows you to program in the language that you are most comfortable with, whether it’s a programming language, Python or C++ for example, or a spoken language. Once you are done writing the smart contract, you have the ability to translate the document into the desired output code or language.

Another feature of their platform is that once you are complete, you have both the source code of the input language as well as the signed source code of the output. This concept is original, as most of the time when you code, you only have the selected language you coded in, and not a plain text version of it as well. This aids many newcomers and also adds the ability to have some sort of legal standing with your smart contract because you will have the spoken language source code and your written code can be verified with that.

Mass Adoption In Various Forms

We at Social Wallet are always looking for new and exciting teams to work with. While we are more focused on getting people who are extremely green into the blockchain and cryptocurrency, iOlite is focused on someone who is more tech-savvy and might work in the tech sector. This idea is fantastic, and goes to show that even people who work in tech, or who can code, are not completely aware of the blockchain.

Social Wallet welcomes iOlite on board, and knows that this is going to be a valuable partnership.

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are both in their infancy, and we believe that the more people we have striving to learn more, the better. More apps, more ICOs, more ideas flowing. We are a part of the beginning, and we know that we are in for a long journey. Most of our team has been here since the beginning, and have ridden that roller coaster this far.

Do you know, or are you the head of, any team/token/ICO/blockchain developer/cryptocurrency maven, and want to work with us or get in touch with our team? Go ahead and join our Discord, we love hearing new ideas.

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Social Wallet is a platform that has specifically been created for our users. We want people who have very few technical skills to have an opportunity to join the cryptocurrency community in an easy and fun way. Take a moment to leave a comment below and tell us how we are doing!

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SocialWallet is getting better and better all the time. Writing contracts in English and converting to code is a pretty cool innovation.

Well done 👍

Keep it coming!


I can't even imagine the idea of writing a contract in English. I look forward to seeing how it's done. I wonder what the applications could be.

Social wallet is adding more and more innovation everyday. I am looking forward to the launch in a few days....

Programming for the non-programmer; its gonna be huge! Well done @socialwallet!

I Vote Everyday for @socialwallet because I am ready to change the entire EARTH from one end to the other. In TWO DAYS The Revolution Begins !!
Thank you for all you're doing to bring Freedom to the Masses.................

I like your post very much to me. I hope this is always better post than ever.

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Nice post

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It is interesting the alliances that makes @socialwallet

Will there be a referral program to invite friends on Social media?