Social Wallet : BuildTeam is Now an Official Advisor in Pursuit of Changing Social Media

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Social Wallet is thrilled to announce our new working partnership with the revolutionary blockchain innovator BuildTeam. We welcome them onboard to help us bring cryptocurrency to everyone through the power of social media. Furthermore we would like to announce that BuildTeam is now an official advisor to Social Wallet.

With this advisory partnership, Social Wallet is now working with BuildTeam on warmly offering invitation to and including Steemians in our new and revolutionary platform. We understand and value that Steem was the first, practical, and successful social media integrated with cryptocurrency and the blockchain in mind.

To further this engagement, we are developing a reward plan by airdropping our token, WIRE, into Steem users accounts. We are humbled to be associated with such a strong team, and we hope that this partnership empowers more people in adopting cryptocurrency into their everyday lives.

The importance of a partnership with a Steem innovator, like BuildTeam, cannot be underscored enough. Steem has an incredibly powerful platform that allows users to post and share content, and be rewarded for the work that they do. This kind of closeness in community is rarely felt on any other social networking platform. Their innovative program of integrating a blockchain based voting system, allowing their creators to get paid, changes how content is created, and how we view said content.

Think of getting paid for your Facebook likes, or Retweets. Would this refine how you posted online? Also, Steem’s integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology shows the adaptability of it. Steem’s flexibility with the blockchain is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is Social Wallet

Social Wallet is an innovative and exciting social media platform that integrates blockchain technology into existing social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and all email providers.

Our platform enables everyone to send cryptocurrency to any user on social media. One of the great features of our platform is that it’s so easy to use and also that the receiving person doesn’t even have to know what cryptocurrency is in order to receive it. We wanted to take the difficulty and mystery out of cryptocurrency, so there is no prior setup or technical expertise required on the receiving person’s end.

Because of this, Social Wallet is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive option when wanting to send money anywhere in the world. With our competitive advantages over traditional companies like Western Union and Paypal, we are revolutionizing how money is sent. And with our integrated Social Wallet Debit Card you can easily spend your funds anywhere.

Social Wallet Is More Than An Electronic Funds Transfer

Providing an inexpensive and easy way to send money is one thing, but our true passion comes from our ability to teach people about the power of blockchain. Through our social media platform we will encourage our community to seek out individuals that can be helped by the gift of receiving cryptocurrency. Helping someone in need can be a powerful learning opportunity.

Through our reach on social media we will amplify these stories so that soon everyone will have heard about these amazing compassionate acts of Social Good. It’s not enough to tell someone what cryptocurrency can do, you have to show them. These amplified stories of Social Good will speed up the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

The whole team at Social Wallet feels a responsibility to use our position as pioneers in this space to educate the world about blockchain technology and its potential to change the world.

Social media has showed us that there is limitless potential when we synergize and develop a working community. Social Wallet’s combination of social media and blockchain technology is an explosive combination that can and will affect positive and lasting change the world. Take a moment to visit us on the web at

Give us feedback

Social Wallet is a platform that has specifically been created for our users. We want people who have very few technical skills to have an opportunity to join the cryptocurrency community in an easy and fun way. Take a moment to leave a comment below and tell us how we are doing!

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@socialwallet. I dropped by your pre-token sale and couldn’t believe how easy it was to register, login and send crypto for WIRE tokens. Thank you for making the process so smooth and easy.

@BuildTeam is a fantastic organisation and I think this partnership will only further consolidate the position of WIRE, particularly on this platform. Great job.

I am so glad it was so easy for you. Trust me it took a lot of work for that to be a seamless process. BuildTeam was my first official job in crypto. They are fantastic and so excited we created a project worthy of their partnership.

You teamed up with BT? Now that adds massive credibility as far as I am concerned!

BuildTeam sees the potential in us to change social media. That should instill a lot of confidence in everyone!

I checked also, was so smooth and effortless

We are in no way competitors of Steem or SMT's. We seeked a partnership because of our capability to amplify it. A few of us have been on Steem a long time. We have first hand knowledge on the potential synergies that Steem presents our platform. It was a natural fit to become early partners with.

The integration with existing social media is huge. And good to see Buildteam onboard. A lot of people on steemit already have faith in them so that is good mojo for social wallet!

I was the original BuildTeam Business Development Manager. Now the CFO of Social Wallet. They are rockstars and feel so honored they have continued their relationship with us in the form of a partnership with Social Wallet. We see big opportunities ahead.

Absolutely the best thing to happen to crypto since Bitcoin! It's time for the next level of blockchain technology to emerge! Welcome Social Wallet to the next generation!

That is our belief as well. We are excited to educate everyone to see the future the same way we do....with Social Wallet leading the way!

Social wallet is changing the world with this latest technology. No more queues at the western union.

I live in LA. So many immigrants use Western Union wasting a big portion of the money they are sending back to Mexico, Philippines, and other home countries. Not anymore! Now they will only be 4 clicks away from not having to pay those fees.

Living in South Florida I see this alot as well. Many people send money back home: Brazil, DR, etc. Western Union rips them off bad with extremely high fees.

@ socialwallet...upvote and resteem done..Social wallet I'd changing the world with this latest technology

@ socialwallet..upvote and resteem done..Social wallet I'd changing the world with this latest technology

@ socialwallet..upvote and resteem done

I can't wait to get my first WIREs. This is innovation happening, right here.

"We are the bridge that connects crypto and social media with the rest of the world." The applications are endless. The quantum leap we are taking is hard for everyone to comprehend. Social Wallet will be the premiere platform that all major coins seek to partner with.

Very Knowledgable post. Thenks for sharing..

Wow!!! it has awesome features and it is effortless, i think its gonna trend anytime from now.

We are speaking at a major Bitcoin Conference in Dallas next week. Trust me, everyone is about to know about us.

Long overdue. We certainly have needed a wallet that can accommodate multiple cryptos at the same time.

We think so too. Actually, Ethos is creating a cool universal wallet but we are providing access to all of social media with any coin we choose to allow on our platform. This absolutely hasn't been done yet and the need for it is tremendous. It is such a big leap from where we currently are from a technical perspective in crypto that we are having a hard time getting people to grasp how big this is. We are the platform that advances crypto to the next level of mass adoption.

Hmm.. sounds like a tipbot. Will STEEM be integrated into Social Wallet?

We see a lot of synergies with Steem. We would be honored if Steem requested to be listed on our platform.

Thanks. I hope that's the case.

Great news @socialwallet . I was wondering if you are going to post the details of the airdrop sometime soon.

I am sure the Airdrop to SP Holders will motivate many people to PowerUp!


Regards, @gold84

upvote and resteem done

Really cool, so glad someone is doing this right, it’s badly needed .

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