The main differences are:

  • Publish0x doesn't have it's own token or blockchain - it gives out many different tokens (right now: BAT, DAI StableCoin, HYDRO).
  • Publish0x also pays out tokens to readers, and it does not matter which articles readers choose to tip... the reader can always keep a % of the tip, which is the same no matter how well the article does on the platform, so there's no "curation" element to it, or the "hunting whales" element either.

So it's a bit different. It's simpler to use, and more focused on crypto based topics than Steemit.

I tried it out. I made an incredible $0.05 in crypto before they cut me off for the day. Got a message that said limit reached come back

Yeah, there's a limit in how many times you can tip. It's not realistic to expect limitless tips, as it's not like the site owns BAT, DAI or HYDRO, it has to be bought with ETH or BTC or in whichever way.

For publishers though, they can earn continuously, the posts never expire.

Oh that is a lot different than the 7 day reward cycle of Steem. Here every post looses value after 7 days.

If I intend correctly then a real high quality post could still reward the author several years later.

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Yeah, when the new audience finds a post published last year, they can tip it still.

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