A Quick Intro to adToken (ADT) - Ethereum Based Solution for Digital Advertising

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What is adToken?

Check out the website!

An ethereum based solution for digital advertising.

The adToken (ADT) is required to use the adChain registry, a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. ADT is used to vote, deposit, and challenge entry into the adChain Registry, which stores domain names accredited as non-fraudulent by ADT holders. adToken holders are incentivized to clean up the digital advertising supply chain by voting fraudulent publishers out of the Registry, based on their merits. The publishers are allowed to re-apply as often as they would like.

According to the website, digital advertising is in a state of peril. Advertisers are losing 16+ BILLION dollars a year to traffic bots and fraud. adToken and the adChain Registry seek to solve this problem.

Some FAQs from the website

Check out the white paper!

The adChain Registry

ADT up 16% today according to CoinMarketCap.com

With a market cap of about $19 million,
current supply of 600 million ADT,
and a max supply of 1 billion ADT.

What do you think? Is ADT worth 19 million? More or less?

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Nice article, man. resteemed I like how you differentiated adtoken from BAT. I also just wrote a good article on Populous coin. Feel free to check it out and upvote/resteem it (return the favor?)


PPT is up almost 2.5x!! Thanks for the tip!


Thanks! I'm trying to wrap my head around PPT, but I like that no more coins will ever be created!
I was a little late to the VERI party (I've lost some value so far), so maybe I can get in on PPT early!
Thanks for the heads up!

nice post, thanks for sharing!!

Thanks sounds like an interesting sector.

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