CloakCoin and Verge are just using onion routing for anonymity (i.e. same as using Tor or I2P), which is known to be a honeypot as I explained in my blog:

Worse yet, there might be no way for users to know their anonymity has been compromised because the perpetrator would want to maintain the deceit of the valuable honeypot; which by the way, is also the case with Tor.

List of low-latency mixnet (i.e. Tor or I2P) vulnerabilities include: this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

n00bs are so easily fooled by technobabble lies and deception.

Thanks for your comment thus giving me the opportunity to respond to misunderstandings that other readers may share with you. It helps.

Hmmm is this enough confirmation that Tor is a honey pot as you mentioned. The Tor Project Defends the Human Rights Racists Oppose

Well technically no, although I provided sufficient technical justification in my prior comment post above.

But yes in the sense that Tor is being presented to the public as an enabler of the enemy of the politically correct Social Justice Workers (SJWs)—the enemy of a “good” and “fair” society—when in fact it is controlled by the DEEP STATE which also controls Wikileaks. Wikileaks is another example of presented to the public as being an antagonist to the corrupt status quo, but is apparently controlled by Rothschild and was used to purposefully put Trump into the presidency (which btw I predicted) in order to foment the upcoming civil war, to instigate upcoming wars with China, Russia, Middle East, and so it can all be blamed on Trump and the “neo-Nazis”. Bitcoin appears to me to be another plan of the DEEP STATE.

Yep, TOR: Pro-free speech, but that speech has limits... racist content. lmfao. You couldn't make this shit up. That's why I think it's a good tell that they are as you say, controlled by the deep state.

torproject The Tor Project tweeted @ 17 Aug 2017 - 18:52 UTC

We heard Daily Stormer moved to a Tor onion service. We're here to defend the human rights these racists oppose.……

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How do you think anonymity would be implemented in a coin? Are there any which you think are doing it better?

I outlined the design I am contemplating in the blog and in the comments which ensued at Reddit which I copied into comments here.

Concisely, Stealth addresses for the high volume, real-time transactions and an optional Zerocash technology mixer denominated in the same token units, i.e. you can transfer you tokens into the mixer without any exchange risk, then transfer them back out to transact with the Stealth addresses. You could review my replies to @smooth, @JollyMort, and @jonas_h on Reddit for more details wherein I covered the issues about the trusted setup, slow speed of creating Zerocash transactions, etc..

Also another factor is that my Bitnet altcoin will not use proof-of-stake nor proof-of-work and it will burn the transaction fees (new blog is coming about this), so I claim this would make any sustained Sybil attack much more costly (and besides the Zerocash technology mixer is less susceptible to Sybil attack for the reasons I explained in the blog).