Will the chain of blocks let us drop the shackles of the modern world?

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Over the past few weeks, since I've discovered the world of crypto currency, I was asking myself this question.
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Thoughts still whirl mercilessly, unable to concentrate in a more specific form of the stream of certainty ...

Where is this confusion of uncertainty comming from? - Well the reason lays in the "rules" of life in our culture, civilization and religion that have been instilled in us (deeply etched) and now is an indispensable part of our life. This rules create a network of laws, commands, bans and push us into the fear of change ...

Ever since I have become aware of the limitations brought by education in our reality, I began to work on personal development and overcoming my barriers and fears. I started to go out of the comfort zone and discovered new worlds and new opportunities ... My freedom boosted my spiritual and personal development, which in turn provided new opportunities to enjoy freedom ...

Everything in my history is beautiful and it would be idyllic, if not for one detail. The financial trap of a modern avarage Joe who wants to be and to have.

The natural aspiration of every living being - leave a mark in the form of offspring. Well, if you want to start a family and have your own place, you have to have money. Money require you to work. The more a family grows, the more money you need and the more you need to devote to work. More money - more employer's expectations, more responsibility, more stress, more diseases, less life ...

"...more money, more problems..."

Expenditure of the parent is a never ending litany to the suffering wallet, or actually an Internet account:

  • Apartment loan (or a rent)
  • diapers, clothes, food, prams, accessories etc. with age, new ones come
  • a car or two
  • tuition for nurseries, kindergartens and schools
  • commuting to and from work
    etc etc ...

The financial need grows and paradoxically, to secure your family's decent life you need to spend less time with them...

Free yourself from this vicious circle !!!!!

But how?

  • I have an idea: start a company !

Okay, let's think what it needs and what it's about to start and run a profitable company.
Well, in my opinion, necessary stuff as follow:
a) 70% of luck
b) 30% of work, work and once again work - hard work... who claims otherwise, propably has won the lottery, or had fun mushrooms...

... and we are back to the starting point ...

  • next idea: start programming!
    you can hear so many stories when a friend of a friend became a programmer and now earns 5 times more than you, working from the beach in Thailand ...
    I tried and must admit, it has even sucked me in. After a few months, when I was regularly sitting in front of my computer, absent form life of my family, I realized that it's not worth it. I was buliding distance from loved ones, for whom I wanted to change something. I decided that I won't sacrifice the most precious time with family for the benefit of the future time with them!
    Once again, a trap for inattentives:* go away son, I do not have time to play, do not disturb daddy... I'm learning programming, in a few years, as soon as I am a functional programmer, we will have plenty of time for ourselves ... *

Probably someone would find more ideas to escape from "forced labor", from the world of corporations, from this "machine" that is greedy for our time ... but for the average Joe, which I consider to be, it is extremely difficult...

Suddenly there is a turn of the action - World Krypto currency, opens to a wider audience!

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The average Joe, investing some of the savings can in the long run, multiply them without much effort, instead of bleeding, waiting until his hard-earned money will lose value, consumed by inflation, fees, taxes and taxes to taxes... Average Joe, may with a little effort invest short-term and start earnig this way! There is hope for us, Joes, that maybe we will be able to generate such value that will allow us to enjoy time spent on self development or with the love ones

Will the chain of blocks let us drop the fetters of the modern world and "forced" work to the end?

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My answer, as it usually happens, is ambiguous: it depends....

I do not think that blockchain technology will free the world from under the shoe of 1 percent of the richest people. I do not believe in revolutions that will equalize everybody and make everyone happy ...

I believe in the opportunities that appear from time to time! Gifts of fate, for those who can notice and use them. Similar opportunities emerged during the dotcom bubble.

Now the blockchain world is growing extreemly fast and we have a short window to be a part of something bigger and to have bite from this growing cake. It will not be a cake served on a tray ... I think you have to put a lot of effort into cutting your piece, but I think it's worth it. We're still in the early stages of market development and the potential is huge!

I intend to work on my chance within the current chain revolution and I will encourage, all those who will listen to me, to do the same.

I wish everyone to eventually taste the fruit of today's effort :)

Bon Appetit!

If you have read this article, thank you very much for your time,

Let the force be with you!

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