Finally a token backed by asset. Welcome SRXIO

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The Token Sale Goes Public September 7, 2018

Backed by’s physical assets, mining hardware and infrastructure this token truly is the next generation crypto mining project.

In many Cryptocurrency ICO’s the coins and tokens are backed by nothing more than hope and a prayer. In the case of’s ICO, their token, SRXIO, is backed by hard assets. The actual hardware used to drive the mining operations will stand behind the coin.

In fact, it gets even better.

Every SRXIO token holder will recieve a monthly gross revenue share. Not a small amount either. Also, this is a terrific means of earning passive income. Departing from the tradition and preference of mining operations to distribute a net profit to their investors will be sharing 45% of the gross revenue. Yes, a full 45% of the total mined gross Bitcoin volume will be distributed monthly and divided among all token holders by means of a smart contract in Ether.

Distributed in Ether, you say?

True, Bitcoin is being mined however the SRXIO and its smart contract are based on the ERC 20 Ethereum blockchain. As Bitcoin cannot be distributed through an Ethereum blockchain the Bitcoins will be converted to Ether. The 45% gross revenue share to all token holders will then take place.

So, when can I expect my 45% gross distribution to begin, and what will I need to do to receive it?

To answer the last part first you’ll need to open a ERC20 Ethereum compatible wallet to receive your monthly distribution.

Mining is scheduled to begin in January 2019. Every last day of the month starting January 2019’s smart contract will distribute Ether to all token holders. This will continue monthly for as long s you own the token.

Why is your using the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract a good thing for me?

This distribution model, utilizing the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract, gives you the peace of mind of knowing you have the security in that the token cannot be cancelled. Additionally, it allows the SRXIO token holder the ability to store and trade their token using their ERC20 Ethereum compatible wallet.

While cloud mining has become popular, it generally provides only a 28–60 day contract that terminates if the operation is not profitable. In contrast, the SRXIO token has no expiry date, which offers a more sustainable, long-term investment potential.

All said and done, with its 45% gross distribution model, and conversion of Bitcoin mined into the more practical Ether is revolutionizing Crypto ICO’s today.

A truly great token for the cryptocurrency buyer to add to their holdings.


It will be organized by the staff of the cryptocurrency mining systems 24/7. This will ensure the smooth operation of farms and get investors the maximum profit for each purchased srxio token.

The EAN-to-EAN platform is a decentralised platform with fewer parties involved. Buying straight from the green generator without any intermediaries. We aim for responsibility, sustainability and profitability.

The project is gaining momentum every day and I think in the future will be able to go on an equal footing with the rest of the world's companies, they are not inferior!

Great project, I'm following updates

Excellent news. We are following !!!

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token backed by assets
Distribution of 45% of profits per month
Open-ended contract
Is there any better than that ?!!

The team and board of this project are of excellent quality and will push #Securix to great heights i'm sure!

Tokens backed by something tangible is very rare, just another plus this token is offering. In addition to easy of receiving payment.

Tokens backed from assets
Something wonderful and reassuring.

I like the company grow. Believe in Your success this year. Carefully following Your development, I joined the project and will strongly support.

Decentralized blockchain system. Join! Interesting project! Smart contracts turn the world upside down. I believe in the future of this project. His will become mainstream in the future.

I will unambiguously take part in your tokensale. I believe in your team, in your company and in your idea

The SRXIO token has no expiry date! A truly is great token the cryptocurrency! Distribution model, utilizing the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract, gives the peace in that the token cannot be cancelled. Every SRXIO token holder will recieve a monthly gross revenue share, this is a terrific means of earning passive income. It's just fantastic!

I will wait until September 7, 2018 to join The Token Sale .

Today it is rare for a token to be supported by real assets!

I now prefer to support asset-backed projects because it can be more valuable compared to their counterparts in the market. It is really high time that we focus on projects like Securix which is giving us the opportunity towards passive income. Go #Securix...!!

Will you give tokens just for the fact that we will hold them on ERC20 purses? Then I enroll in HODLERS)

Do not miss the opportunity to join this unique and promising project. The experienced team is working diligently on the project. Good luck to the team.

I thank you for encouraging me and other!

Very good, I think this will be a great advantage for investors to decide to use this program.

Nice project. I look forward for a strong use case for this project. Certainly you guys are wonderful and hardworking towards bringing this project to reality. I look forward to the future development. I would like to read more and i will, if I found it a good project.

Do you want to earn on promising investment projects? Then you are here.

Wonderful idea and well-done project realization. My congratulations to the team and investors!New website describes its features and benefits.

Very good initiative! I am sure that this will attract investors, all the reward to investors or holders is always good.

I will spread the news that the ICO is live for this fantastic project!

The project is going to the moon, we are moving at a very fast pace. The community is behind the project. go go go

Will you give tokens only for the way that we will hold them on ERC20 handbags?

A useful token for the digital tokenized world

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