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Today I want to share my thoughts on a few coins and how likely they are to be the same or better price by the end of the year!

I would not hold these:

Lets start out with Bitcoin:
First off all I wouldn't hold Bitcoin in August, as there would be a bit of uncertaintly about what would happen to the price when segwit and all that happens. I would not hold this around the time it will go live, due to the fact it can go both ways.

Second, Ethereum:
I would say this is not one of the safer holds as of right now, as there are changes incoming that could make the price go up, or down depending on how well it turns out. I would not hold these, due to the fact it can go both ways.

The ones I would hold:

STEEM - This one is a bit obvious, isnt it? I like the platform ans see it going up before 2017 is over.
RDD - Its still not being used widely and has big walls on both buy and sell so it is even good as a trading object. This is my personal favorite to hold in because of its low price.
LTC - I see this coin as having possibilities to go up or keep close to where it is for the foreseeable future. I do not think this would be a bad bet.

(from steem.io)

Do you have other good bets to hold?
Please let us know in the comments.


Can STEEM really excel from a currency perspective? Obviously, I'm here to contribute and help find out. But to me deflationary currencies are the ones to be betting on, rather than inflationary ones such as STEEM. My top pick at the moment remains Quantum (QAU), which is solely using their currency as an investment vehicle for buybacks while profiting as a neutral arbitrage investor in order to provide liquidity for the market.

That is indeed some good points. I will take a look on QAU and see whats up over there as well. But for now I believe the ones I posted would be the safest ones for now.

Thanks for sharing your point of view! I think both Bitcoin and Ethereum are good to hold on for the long term, but I would not recommend you to buy more of them right no for the reasons you are pointing out in this post. But if you already have them on your portfolio, I defently would not sell them, just HODL on! Besides this coins, I think Waves has a bright future to, because like ethereum you could make your own coins on this blockchain and the popular mobile go token has an waves version to. By the way, litecoin is my favourite coin out there, the so called silver next to Bitcoins gold!

No problem at all.
Personally I am going to be in alts instead on mains when the segwit is coming. Not optimal, but better than a bank in my eyes :) I havent had a look at Waves yet, but then again, there are many alts that will make it long enough to get back to the big stable bulls :)

Yup, that's your decision offcourse! And we are all here to learn from each other! I wish you the best! Good luck and thanks again for sharing your insights!

Old habits die hard. Atleast when it comes to money related habits.
I for one regret I sold all the LTC I mined the first few months @$4 per piece... :)
Lets just say, that wont happen again.

based on the market and trading LITECOIN is the safest in my opinion

That is correct.
But payoff wise it might be wiser to dump it into SP and work this the way we like to do it :)
Safeness wise LTC or RDD in my eyes, sheer stability and possible bulls coming :)

I have converted most of my low market cap coins in steem.

Steem is the best

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