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I am here today to share my ideas on what is happening in the USD/LTC market, and where it might be headed.


A small but important fact to remember here is that there should be supports (buy walls) around 35 usd and at around 40 USD. This leads me to believe there is a lot potential movement upwards when it hits these levels. The next hard resistance (sell walls) should come around 50 usd per unit.

From this I would say that the market should go up and down between these pricetags in the upcoming week. I do not see that it would break out of any of these, but if one of them is to fail, its going to the moon!

Long story short: Get LTC in the lower portion of this bracket and sell in the higher part of the bracket.

I would buy below 42 and sell above 45

Do you agree?


thanks for the analysis.

Good advise, thanks

I agree! LTC is perfect as it's negative correlated to BTC and BTC is undergoing major uncertainty:

I disagree, its very hard to buy LTC at 42 now, If BTC falls of, you can buy at that price, otherwise you can not buy at that price

Well. It is possible in the different dumps.

But yes I do see your concerns here and I still stand by that if it goes anywhere it is to the moon.

Other than that the basic idea in this post is buy below 45 and sell closer to 50. I would wait for 42 but its all up to you.

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my band is a bit wider... buy below 40 sell above 50

Probably a safer option.

maybe... ?!?

arise chickun!

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