CTO Alex Shkor to Present at the Global Graphene DevCon

The Scorum team heads to Asia to showcase ideas for the future of blockchain.

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Shanghai plays host to a few days of collaboration and inspiration among some of the top talent in the growing blockchain industry. The capabilities of the Graphene Framework have been well established but there’s still much space to explore the potential of this flexible blockchain toolkit.

The latest numbers say it all – Graphene-based blockchains are clearly capable of handling high transaction volume with three of the top five blockchains by volume built on Graphene:

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 2.13.52 PM.png
source: https://blocktivity.info/

Scorum CTO Alex Shkor believes in the potential for Graphene to be molded, adapted, and constantly improved in his aim to bring highly capable blockchain solutions to the world. And with Scorum, he and the rest of the talented developers have done just this.

Now these insights and more will be unveiled to the wider developer community in Shanghai and further abroad. Never one to settle, Alex has cranked up the ingenuity lately when it comes to Graphene.

Presentation Preview

Here’s what Alex sees the future of the Graphene OpenSource Toolkit including:

  • Scalability Models: The buzzword of FUDsters and ideologues alike when it comes to blockchain, scalability is a hot topic no matter how you see it. Alex has some tricks up his sleeve to take Graphene’s current capabilities even higher. Because let’s face it, faster is better.
  • Sidechain Integration: Silence the noise of ‘my chain is better than yours.’ Alex sees past this, for blockchain adoption he believes adapting chains to inter-operate smoothly is a core aim. After already coding the capability for Graphene chains to execute Atomic Swaps, sidechain integration and off-chain data management is an obvious next step.
  • Aggregation Clusters: From the financial sector to the multitude of other industries where big data management is a prerequisite of the modern world, data aggregation is a complex and time-consuming process. Graphene’s high tx capability can be adapted to meet these needs and Alex will share his vision of how this can be done more efficiently in the future by reducing the amount of data stored in memory.

While technical in nature, these developments from Alex and the many other technically adept attendees of the Global Graphene DevCon have the potential to reshape the way people around the world interact with each other and the institutions that handle their data. See you in Shanghai!

Check out the Scorum Github to see what our developers have pulled off so far.

SCR tokens are available on the #BitShares decentralized exchange via the OpenLedger gateway.


technology will make us brother worldwide! bravo congratulations.


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we'll have a few contests for authors who like to write about sports. If that's your thing @dedicatedguy you can join our growing author community:


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