Two for the Money - Sell Your Spare SBD While it's Hot!

There is a current pump in SBD price going on! SBD is trading above $2 USD as I type this after sitting at .98 cents just two short hours ago.

Pumps come and Pumps go, but my trader remains eternal!

If you have any spare SBD sitting around now would be a good time to sell if off for BTC or at least sell it into steem. We're getting a better return right now than we've seen for a while.

Below is the hourly chart of SBD vs. USD

Here is the hourly chart of SBD vs. BTC

As you can see on both charts, the value of our SBD is trading for more than twice the value it was a couple hours ago.

I have no idea whether this is just a pump that will fade in short fashion or the beginning of a larger move higher. What I do know is anytime something doubles in value within a couple hours it is ALWAYS smart to cash in a bit.

As evidenced by bitcoin cash a couple weekends ago :-)


Best Regards,
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Fun stuff! Unfortunately my friend put up his whole stack of SBD for conversion just last night, so he's not getting a piece of this sugary, good-ridden cake. Fuck!

What happened who just bought all that steem?

Thanks for the heads up, wish I had some to sell. Steem and SBD, please rise to your previous glory.

While at the same time - it's around 55 cents in the market - so I have been buying tiny bits for the last hour.


Correction-- STEEM is at .55 SBD, not $0.55 USD. Since SBD is at $2.12 or so, that equates to around a STEEM price of around $1.16 USD. Anyway, just a technicality, it is still an amazing time to buy STEEM!


Oh! Thank you for explaining that. I'm only thinking of getting the steem so I can get delegated sp with it for now, so I'm just happy I got so much to be able to spend. But I really need to understand for future. Thank you so much!


Nice! Crazy times.

Converted 6 sbd lul

helpful idea.thanks bro

nice chart explain detailed very well thanks for posting scaredycatguide.

I know a lot from this post and can learn a lot of thanks for sharing..

Vauuu, super. This is very nice new

wow very astonishing increase

Did that earlier tonite, good post by you to alert people.


Thanks Barry. I was slow on the draw, noticed it 30 min earlier before the light bulb went off that I should spread the word! ;-)

Great post and lots of good info. Followed

That's quite a spike... been looking for any kind of news that might have triggered this, but so far coming up empty...


Korean exchange Upbit just listed both steem and sbd on their exchange.


Aha! Well that gives me some hope this might be more than just a quick pump... thanks for the info.

The Kakao (Upbit's parent company) partnership with Bittrex also explains why both the Steem and SBD trading volumes on Bittrex are insane right now, while relatively tame on Poloniex.


If Steem is getting trading volume from Korea that would be awesome. Korea is what caused all the craziness in BCH couple weeks back


My thoughts as well. Just waiting to see if the money keeps flowing in. It looked like there were a ton of sellers during the run, every big sell wall just happened to get crushed almost instantly.

Thanks for the heads up man. changed a bunch of SBD for STEEM.
I was waiting for this moment for a loooong time :))

Man, I watched it go from 2.12 to 3.76 on bittrex, the whole time thinking, welp I missed the move up to buy more sbd to swing trade...oh well, just glad steem moved a bit as well. Thank you Upbit for the boost!

This stuff always happens when I'm asleep! Luckily, I had some sale orders waiting to be cashed in and SBD still sells for a nice number now. I didn't get to enjoy the Steem pump as much though :-(


Well, some is better than none :-)

Thanks for the heads up i just bought some BTC with my Steem Dollars :)
Cheers !!

Isnt sbd supposed to by pegged to usd? Does this mean steem will skyrocket shortly?

I used Changelly to convert. First time I used them for SBD. Very fast and only 0.05%. I'll be using them again


Sweet! I have not used it before, glad to hear it worked well.

i'm seeing a really cheep steem price and a high sbd rate. oh my I just cashed out last week. my bad ☹️☹️

Thank you for sharing :)

I don't understand how this happened...

Sorry no spare SBD at the moment. I'm working on getting some, but it may be awhile.