The Alt Coins Finally Joined the Bitcoin Party!

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago

Bitcoin did what we had hoped as discussed in my last video. The bonus is the alt coins decided to finally join in on the move!

Bitcoin Confirms Breakout

After breaking the 6,800 area resistance we got a quick pullback and test of the level before pushing higher. That is what I call positive price action!

Check out the video below for next level targets and some review of the alt coins that are finally making a move too!


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I'm getting more positive as it seems that the declines are being less intense as it gives a sign that its mostly driven by traders and no longer the guys panic selling into declines. Volumes are not great but not bad either. September may be that pivot point.


I agree, things are looking on the up, hopefully this week we can continue the momentum.


Let's hope so. Last three yrs we rallied Nov/Dec, so who knows what the next two months bring, but action has been more positive.

I was waiting for the price of Steem to get to $0.60, it never happened and think the bottom has been put in at $0.75.


I sincerely hope it has. I called 80 cents on steem when we were above $1, hoping that was the bottom.


I remember, great call.

I'll be happy when it can break through that blue line with $100-$200 to spareScreenshot_1.png

I really hope this is the reversal finally.