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RE: Updated Steem Price Analysis: Steem tops the $1 mark.

Hey man - that price charting analysis is right out of my play book. Good stuff! More importantly is the point you made about Japan and the exchanges. There has to be demand for their to be positive price action on the chart.

Exciting time indeed. We've both been around steemit for a while posting regularly, now if I can only catch up with you in upvotes....still chasing you after all this Keep up the good work man!


Haha thank you! Hopefully our charting and analysis turns out to be correct! The price is pulling back a bit here, which is not unexpected, as long as the floors are higher we are good to go.

Exactly, if we can hold and consolidate above the .00045 high from Dec. that would be constructive price action.

Yep, agreed!

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