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A2A tokens are used as an intermediary in every trade on STeX using A2A technology. The problem is that while working with hundreds of different assets, you need a measurement system to evaluate all the tokens in order to create cross-rates, calculate commissions, do all the internal accounting. So, we used an additional token for that purpose. It was designed with self-balancing supply capabilities ruled by the smart contract on the Ethereum network and internal market making pool in other currencies on STeX platform.
Furthermore, we have a promotional system to attract users and make their trading activities more profitable (especially, for active traders who may suffer from turnaround commissions). By mixing these two concepts together, we have created a STeX utility token named A2A after the technology Any2Any we invented and used to create 10,000 cross-rates.
The additional utility function of this token is to provide an easy to account tier system for commission discount for all users on the STeX exchange. There are no passive income opportunities, no profit sharing in the A2A token, and, at the same time, it should be very attractive for the users to buy, use and hold in order to get extra discounts and unlock the professional features on STeX which will be available only for professional traders with a sufficient amount of commissions paid to the system.
The A2A tokens supply available during the ICO is limited by 500,000,000 A2A tokens. All undistributed tokens will be burned after the end of the A2A ICO. In case of hard-cap, additional 100,000,000 will be issued for the project owners, bounty, airdrops, partners and market making liquidity pool. Please see chapter 10 for details. There is no soft cap, as the project has all the funds required for completion and almost any amount of the A2A tokens in the circulation is good for the system beause of the sefl-balancing feature.

There are two tokens on the STeX exchange: the dividend STE token which will be distributed 100% of the net profit, and the utility A2A token, through which all cross-currency trading goes and the internal unified account is maintained. Token A2A also provides a 50% discount on the payment of any commissions on the exchange.

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