Which is why it won’t happen. To think this coin which doesn’t represent value in the business is worth 10T is ludicrous. I had the same feeling as the author that people are confusing the coin with the Network.

I'm not super technical but heard something pretty scary about Ripple. Because so few nodes are run we technically don't even know if Ripple is a secure network, there's so few players in the space everyone plays nice so there's no issues but as/if it grows it may not even be a secure network is something which I was hearing.

alll Bullshit. there are hundreds and hundreds of nodes from huge companies like microsoft, MIT, even average people.

stop relating fud you hear. Whats the issue? To lazy to do a simple google search?

I actually heard that from Jackson Palmer who I think is a pretty knowledgeable person in the space. I have 0 interest in Ripple so not gonna waste my time researching it

it will easily happen. International transfer is a quadrillion dollar industry. Like are you kidding me. There is 27 trillion alone locked in nostro vostro xrp will free. stop spreading factless fud . crypto market is a baby, went from 10 bill to 800 billion in 2017. Global stock market is almost 100T. Crypto will easily be 25+ in the next 5 years, especially after the economic boom instant settlement brings

Ripple is a banksters coin they will pump and dump it to extract money from naive public who have not educated themselves on this shitecoin.

only 6 nodes in the world for this coin total dictatorship by the 2 banksters owners of the coin that own 50% of the coin.

no mining of the coin nobody can run a node you have to ask them permission and guess what the answer will be? NO

get ready for more pump and dum campaigs run on discord channels the top 5% will get 200% returns the rest get 10% returns if lucky, big pool of ripple collected in one wallet then sold when naive traders pile in , you can see the ripple transactions being pumped from one wallet address on reddit

your so wrong. RN not 1 bank holds any XRP. you are ridiculous. There are thousands and thousands of nodes for xrp, ran by huge companies like microsoft, and the average joe.

Anybody can run a node, your lying. Also there is no mining but escrow will release coins slowly like mining. No new coins can ever be made, thus it is not inflationary.

You are literally repeating your argument that consists of lies.

Here is proof there are thousands of nodes From MIT, Microsoft, TO the average person. Do some real research.
Also RN xrp has the same chart as the top 10 coins, so are you saying they are all pump and dump shit coins.

But keep in mind if XRP ever gets to 10$, bitcoin will not be standing still either.

Take a look at a long term XRPUSD chart in log function and see what the trend lines suggest.

when all is said and done and they get 70% of banks and FI's( tens of thousands), and then the merchants, companies who want instant payment, etc...That will be easily hundreds of thousands of companies accepting it for payment, then paying their bills with it. Were looking at a market cap way over 1 trillion.

The way I've heard it explained is few to no banks are actually using Ripple, they are doing testing or doing it on a small scale. The way I heard it explained is the head of tech at a bank says were working with Ripple, even though they aren't really adopting it it's a small test. He gets to pad his resume and say hey I brought crypto to XYZ bank even though they never really plan on using it. Why do you think Ripple will be used for payments over other cryptos?

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