Is Confido CFD a Scam? Let's analyse what is happening right now!

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Yesterday we got the first news about the #Confido issues. Today something strange happened. The complete Confido #CFD crew disappears​ and turn down their websites and communication​ channels. The price drops down at that moment. In this post you find all the information and news about the so calling "Confido Scam coin"

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A lot of people think its a scam, but need to do further analyses so we know it's a scam (16:05 It's official a scam coin right now). So the advice is to sell your coins an take the best offer you can get for now. This is not a coincidence anymore. For who wants to claim these persons behind to coin please leave a comment. I will also keep you up-to-date from the Netherlands. I don’t like these actions and lose also a lot of money on this coin.
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Who are these people for real and are they the people behind the coin?
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The persons of the website are victims of criminals. They didn't know anything about this coin.
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Update about the fake team:

11:30 Confido closed @Confido_io on twitter
11:45 Medium blog is deleted with the official statement that was posted yesterday:
12:46 Exchanges markets stop with CFD transactions​. Only Etherdelta is still open.
13:51 Analyzing information of the owners right now (more to come)
14:04 Confido launched​ their coin on Tokenlot, we hope we can get the last information of this agency:
15:51 Find some sources that the guy behind this company is not Joost van Doorn. They used this ailias to bring other people on the wrong track.
16:16 Official warning, don't trade the coin
17:03 One of the names of the real scammer is announced. We do some research and update you asap.
18:10 Check the old website here: and type and see the video here:

18:25 Whois information of the website: (adresses are checked by reddit users and mentioned as fake)
21:01 Marketcap of Confido is still worth $277000 and people are trading this coin at 0,03$ at this moment.
21:19 Confido scammers make more than $375000 with their scam.
22:22 Official comments of the Confido helpdesk " I have absolutely no idea what has happened here":
22:48 official statement of tokenlot " We are currently in progress of filling a report with the FBI"

21 november day 2
08:45 "4,5 mil CDF is holding here" (bitcoin news):
09:10 A new problem in Crypto world the crypto exchange of is hacked, possible loss of 30 mil dollars of cryptocurrency.
14:35 Scammed by Confido? Ink will help you with an airdrop for free (snapshot is already made):
14:40 List of the Snapshot of ink:
17:33 CFD is still has a total marketcap of $150,000 price $0.012870. Snapshot is made already by INK more info comes later. Trade your last coins on Etherdelta or Mercatox. ADVICE: Do not buy!

24 november
09:10 Kucoin announcements about the CFD scam:

26 november
09:49 Confido owner has the following statement " It was not a scam, we will do a refund":

Please share this post on the major Reddit posts because Confido deleted their Reddit page. To inform victims​ about this major problems.

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Excellent, detailed reporting. Those who fear regulation don't seem to understand it doesn't need to be oppressive; more scams like this are coming so long as there is no registration, no identity verification, etc.

Thanks. I think crypro is too new at this moment . Exchanges and other companies make to much money at this moment. The issue is that they dont do any research, so we have to do this by ourself.


Good news for all people that are Scammed by Confido. INK will safe your ass this time! How, read:

As a fan of Ku, I'm glad they are doing something to compensate users for their loss. It might not be a great deal but it's better than nothing. Being one of the only exchanges to offer CFD does looks bad for their vetting process. I hope they do better in the future as I would like them to succeed.

Yes, thats totally true