Will Bitcoin Cash Buckle Under 5 Million TX/Day load? My thoughts on Ross Ulbricht & How To Use Crypto on Amazon

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

There are so many great developments happening on Bitcoin Cash. It's hard to squeeze them all into one weekly episode.

If you enjoy the show, please share it. My goal is to get the world using cryptocurrencies and to do that we need to get the message out there, so please share this video on social media and with friends and family.

PS. If you have any questions that you want answered in the next episode. Write them in the comment section under the video.

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I have convinced a local restaurant to accept payment in litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.


Cheaper and faster transactions, Bitcoin Cash.


No better way than this to increase the adoption rate.


(Moved upstream from a cashie downvote tantrum, lol)

Another day, another post from Lyin' Ver about how his altfork is supposedly going places. Oh, its going alright, going to the big recycle bin in the sky.

Roger has built a lot of empty highways but no one is driving on them.

http://fork.lol/tx/txs <--- The flat blue line is BCash, the much HIGHER orange line is Bitcoin.

In some REAL news, looks like the BCash fork is on track - https://bitcoinist.com/roger-ver-bitpico-hard-fork-bitcoin-cash/

Hilariously, the same team was able to find glaring holes in the BCash narrative regarding blocksize -- https://twitter.com/bitPico/status/1012121282152992770

As always, its good to know who is trying to push an ego-project on newbies as "real" -- some history of Lyin' Ver's duplicitous deeds -- https://archive.fo/XfYDP

And to close out, proof that BCash is mostly speculative in volume, even compared to Bitcoin -- https://twitter.com/BitMEXResearch/status/1004995365202886656

News you can REALLY use, instead of someone feeding their ego.

Does purse.io work with amazon.ca? Canadians want to use it too.




BTC = 1mb blocks, Segwit, LN, tx off-chain...
BCH = 8mb blocks, EDA, tx on-chain...

Different tech solutions to scaling, which impact transaction cost, speed and centralization differently. Bots, Shills, Trolls... all narrative and noise atop this.

the bitcoin coins have more prestige everywhere, they should be updated

Bitcoin is still going up, I think!

@rogerkver thank you my friend your blog is such an awesome

Bitcoin cash has all the possibilities to do so. But still a doubt remains, as this crypto world is very unpredictable.

Always remain interesting sir! Keep doin your thing bud.

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