Bitcoin Cash is the world's best money 🔥- New Video (Behind The Scenes) is Up!

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See all the behind the scenes and highlight moments from the CoinGeek conference in Hong Kong below. If you want to speed up the rate of Bitcoin adoption around the world, don't forget to share the video and leave me your thoughts in the comment section.


BCH's intended purpose is what Satoshi's original thesis was founded on - a digital asset designed as a medium of exchange rather than a store of value.

Couldn’t agree more.

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Lyin' Ver and Faketoshi Wright -- a match made in con-man heaven.

Supplemental reading on the biggest liar in the cryptosphere --

Jihan, another "buddy" of Lyin' Ver is also a piece of work --

And finally, a great analysis on why many coins, including Ver's ego-project, are implosions waiting to happen --

And its failing -- miserably.

BCash has flat tx volume, and no traction outside the bubble that Lyin' Ver creates at his "gatherings".

A whole YEAR and that's all he has to show for it?


Sometimes transaction volumes don’t matter to you, incresing fees doesn’t hurt you, unconfirmed transactions are not a problem,
You cannot change the debate according to your wish.
Let’s agree there are some problems with Bitcoin Core that Bitcoin Cash solves, now which chain is to survive is on the people, who decided who survives and who dies.

Transaction volume does matter - it defines whether your chain is being used or not.

Fees exist to prevent DDoS of a scarce resource, but I don't expect you to understand the dynamics from your poorly crafted post.

The problem that exists is BCash preys on the gullibility of new people and uses mimicry and deception to establish themselves as authentic -- when in reality they are nothing more than poorly made knockoffs trying to pass themselves off as the original.

If you don't understand any of this, then I suggest you go all in on BCash -- sometimes a severe financial lesson is the best teacher.

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You guys should sponsor Rory Macdonald on his first title defense, as well as @michaelvenompage, or even be the main sponsor for Bellator!

We are looking into it!

This is what they do, when they don’t want to listen the truth. Censored

Cashies scream "Censorship", and yet Lyin' Ver has been on TV globally, has his own sub-reddit, his own camped dot com domain, and it still isn't enough.

Even here, posts can be revealed - but Cashies aren't too good at logic, just swallowing Ver's load of lies.

Cashies are hilarious.

One YEAR later, and you still haven't gotten any traction. No amount of chicks in bikinis, MMA fights, or dancing monkey boy Ver on a stage is going to change that.

See this? Its your flatline transaction rate --

But keep telling us how you're going to "make it". BCash is a ego-project, nothing more. Even Lyin' Ver doesn't have the balls to go all-in on BCash.

He still holds Bitcoin, because he knows which crypto is on top.

Did the BitClub Network guys get back to you about your offer?

Not yet.

Doing my bit for increasing the adoption of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash The original bitcoin.


The attempts at censorship here are pathetic.

I think once SBD is taken out of the mix BCH and STEEM can make a great team to help push global adoption. A lot does need to happen, one thing to help the rate, is pushing for BCH to be the main trading pair vs bitcoin. We all know $2000 fees are not going to cut it, speaking of bitcoin.

Even 0.5 dollar fees are insane and will never work in the long run. That's not how money is supposed to work.

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