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RE: Bitcoin Cash is the world's best money 🔥- New Video (Behind The Scenes) is Up!

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You guys should sponsor Rory Macdonald on his first title defense, as well as @michaelvenompage, or even be the main sponsor for Bellator!


We are looking into it!

This is what they do, when they don’t want to listen the truth. Censored

Cashies scream "Censorship", and yet Lyin' Ver has been on TV globally, has his own sub-reddit, his own camped dot com domain, and it still isn't enough.

Even here, posts can be revealed - but Cashies aren't too good at logic, just swallowing Ver's load of lies.

Cashies are hilarious.

One YEAR later, and you still haven't gotten any traction. No amount of chicks in bikinis, MMA fights, or dancing monkey boy Ver on a stage is going to change that.

See this? Its your flatline transaction rate --

But keep telling us how you're going to "make it". BCash is a ego-project, nothing more. Even Lyin' Ver doesn't have the balls to go all-in on BCash.

He still holds Bitcoin, because he knows which crypto is on top.