Thoughts on Crypto Analyst Haejin Lee?

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steemit: @haejin

I've been following Haejin for a few months, reading and viewing his videos on price predictions on various cryptocurrencies. It seems for the most part, the feedback he receives on his blogs/videos have been quite positive. He is always on the top of the trending page (assuming he or a group of people are manipulating the steem power which is driving his posts to the top of the list). Correct me if I'm wrong, but Haejin uses Technical Analysis (TA) for his predictions, (TA considers the history of a coin with price charts and trading volumes, no matter what the coin or project does), but isn't TA not the best way of predicting a coin's price? I know these are only predictions and the market can honestly go anywhere any anytime, but some of his videos/blog posts claim very big price predictions for some very low priced coins (Example of one is his prediction on TRX - I feel that these bold predictions are borderline shilling. Just wanted to get someone's unbiased opinion on haejin. With that being said, He provides great material and makes me do my own research on some of these coins and I  appreciate him providing material.


Im not unbiased. Ive been following him since beginning of november and his price targets have been quite accurate, for many coins, of course not all of them. I think that his TA is one of the best methods. I have been studying his method ( tutorials, books and a lesson from the man himself) it gives me the feeling of control, as I can predict better what could possibly happen and plan for the different scenarios. It’s good to do the TA yourself, when your own predictions come true, that’s when you start to believe. Still his long term predictions, I’m not sure of, let’s hope it comes true.

Thanks for the reply! Definitely will try my own TA and look more into it :)

He is absolutely appalling and takes no responsibility for his NUMEROUS wrong calls. Miss lead his entire audience the wrong way all through the vicious bear market ("just a correction..."). What is so insidious about him is he pretends to be so self aware but is one of the most un-self aware u-tubers I have ever seen or else he is just a sociopathic liar and scammer. Bitcoin live had the terrible judgement to admit him and I pity the noobs.

im a way better analysis than him

all of my targets hit

He is a bully, he is a lier, he is a cheater, he censors people and he steals from people.