2 more good AirDrops 6 In a month (5th from Kucoin). Very limited it will dry up 2 days and 3 days ... don't miss out!

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Wow Kucoin new policy to get more smaller tokens on the exchange faster, brings us two new airdrops!
You have a huge opportunity getting a lot of quality new Altcoins Coming out.

I've already received my coins from the last 3 of last 4 announcements that went on.

So I got tweeted over the last few days two tokens (an airdrop) for a retweet.

Kucoin is:
giving away AuroraChain (AOA) tokens (an airdrop) for a retweet
giving away CashBet (CBC) tokens (an airdrop) for a retweet
You need 2 things for this

  • a twitter account
  • a kucoin account.

Don't have a Kucoin account signup using this link 1st:
(it has my referral code in it, which will help me out.)

Step 1:
Follow @kucoincom (for the airdrop)

Step 2:
Follow @richatvns on twitter and SteemIt (for my future announcements about free crypto and life)

Go to the kucoin find the following 2 tweets and do the instructions for each

Which is:
-retweet each,

  • take a snapshot of each,
  • click on the link
  • fill in the form (20 seconds), and pass the snap shot.

Want more free money?
In addition to Airdrops I run have and publish information on faucets

signup pages: http://vnsinc.com/LNG/launchreferrals.html
Quick launch list: http://vnsinc.com/LNG/pagestorun.html

And run steemdecthlon

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I had also written something related to airdrop if you would like to see and share your opinion


Thanks for sharing!

Guys i entered this awesome Airdrop and yes it is leggit! You can earn a huge amount of seed token with simple social tasks!
Be sure you made a registration. check this blog, resteem, upvote and follow please! :)


Alrady joined this airdrop

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