Thank aKucoin for another AirDrop associated to attaching a bringing a coin on. don't miss out!

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As Kucoin continues with the new policy of adding lots of small tokens faster to their exchange we are fortunately reaping the rewards the change to their policy from all the coin drops on the addritions.

This is great news because Kucoin has been by far the most reliable source of airdrops I've seen in the industry so far.

I've already received my coins from the last 5 announcements that where going on so.

So today I got tweeted:
Kucoin is giving away
@Consted11ation tokens (an airdrop) for
a retweet and telegram join
So I'm not too afraid of
making this announcement today.
You need 2 things for this - a twitter account - a kucoin account.

Don't have a Kucoin account signup using this link 1st:
(it has my referral code in it, which will help me out.)

step 2:
Follow @kucoincom (for the airdrop)
Follow @richatvns (for my future announcements about free crypto and life)

Step3: go to the kucoincom account find the pinned message and retweet the following message:
Jun 14

We are launching a new listing promotion together with @Conste11ation! 1,900,000 DAG + 6 BTC in total rewards!

Details available here:

Follow @kucoincom
Retweet this post
Fill in the form: passing this information.

Want more free money?
In addition to Airdrops I run have and publish information on faucets

signup pages:
Quick launch list:

And run steemdecthlon

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This a good thing for the community, I too participated many times, but unfortunately, I haven't received any free tokens as of now.😅


you need to follow the directions,
Everytime I signed up I have received an award in a kucoin promotion.
Except when voting and the currency wasn't taken on.



Thanks, applied this time too. HAhahah

@richatvns can you predict me when will crypto market reach to near 12000 of Bitcoin price? and what is the future of Electroneum?


not an idea in the world and you know that is a spammy off topic request..

here's a mark sample:

If you continue send this type of response, your going marked and flagged

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