SHORT TERM Buy Alert..... COSS...Hidden opportunity

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We are in the midst of a correction with BITCOIN.
This weekend it crashed down and is bouncing back some again.
Not really enough though to buy bitcoins without futures because of the price....And the truth is that would be truly rolling dice style gambling... And I'm not into that!

But during tweaking my portfolio today I came across some really usefully info to jump on!

Presently I provide services as a business operations consultant. A position which includes me protecting clients by reading seeing and handling trends.

I am not a licensed investment
advisor or investigative
Journalist. These are just
personal observations and thoughts.

I know my background helps me a just a smidgen.
I have worked programming for & consulting to Thomson Financial Systems, CS First Boston, Chase, Morgan Stanley, Software Options, a Fund taken over by Price Waterhouse and Independent Investors and served as an expert witness in two cases. Specifically working on: Trading, Portfolio Management, Order Routing, Position tracking, Analysis, Risk Analysis , and Arbitrage systems.

I am presenting my observations here, you must first decide if they make sense to you, this is part of the information I use to make my portfolio decisions.

Of course when bitcoin goes down most other small market cap altcoins follow suit.
And a bunch will come back up EVENTUALLY but not automatically...
But many will never come back up because they were over valued in the first place.

My investment evaluations was always have me looking for
blockchain/coin with large active user base
running a real business
lots of transactions
and have dividends if possible.

That's why I invested in Binance, Kucoin and Coss ... Plus some other exchanges I have dropped because they exhibited problems.

Coss has exhibited some minor things
in the way they deal with dividends that
I don't particularly care for.
So I have been monitoring it.

So this evening with the downward bounce I need to make one of my 3 decisions:

  1. a buy opportunity
  2. should I be moving the position to another coin
  3. Just hold my position

When bitcoin goes down and comes back up, many coins go down and and some come up.

But few follow bitcoin directly!
So I was looking at the chart of COSS vs. Bicoin

I was flabergasted to see this....

And at roughly 22 cents a share a hundred bucks means relatively quick return between 20 to 50% with little risk.


So to take advantage of this hidden opportunity....I went and liquidated half the position of another underperforming coin that has not moved up in 2 months, and purchased the COSS after bitcoin comes back up, I will liquidate the COSS I just added and take profit.



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