My top 3 choices of Crypto Currency to buy RIGHT NOW.

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I will give you MY TOP THREE choices of crypto currency TO BUY RIGHT NOW... and THE REASON why I like each one.

In no special order:

  1. Fair Coin... with a market cap of nearly $40,000,000, and 24 hour volume of nearly one quarter of a million dollars, Fair Coin has SHOT UP in price (Sept 8 and early 9), when almost all the top 100 crypto currencies have gone WAY DOWN on the news (unconfirmed) that China "might" be banning sale of crypto currency. I expect that Fair Coin will continue to resist losing price, and when the market turns around, it will continue its gains.

  2. Cloak Coin... another coin with a market cap of nearly $40,000,000 and 24 hour volume of two and one quarter million dollars, Cloak Coin has also SHOT UP in price (Sept 8 and early 9) when almost all the top 100 crypto currencies have gone WAY DOWN on the news (unconfirmed) that China "might" ban sales of crypto currency. I expect that Cloak Coin will resist the falling market, and will continue its gains even more when the market inevitably turns around.

  3. LiteCoin... This is ONE OF THE TOP FIVE coins in market cap. Lite Coin has more than three and one half BILLION market cap. It is WAY DOWN from its highs, which means you can buy it right now for about June - July prices. But it bounced UP very nicely after the first China crack on September 6 and 7. I expect LiteCoin will have big percentage gains when the market finally goes UP again, as it already showed us that it did on September 6 and 7.

I expect it is going to be a rough sailing until China announces that they didn't really mean it, again. But China cannot ban crypto currencies forever, because crypto currency helps them to make sales... so this crisis will end some day.

That is my two cents. If you like my reasoning, please tell me why. If you do not agree with me, please also tell me why.


Yeah I like the whole concept of Fair coin, however still not on that train. Just so much other stuff I had to deal with.

I will check FairCoin,
I ve heard of it before, but never looked at it so far.

It is worth checking out. See the graph on and study more about it at Tell me what you think. Do you agree that it looks like a good buy?

Hello Johano... I am glad that you agree with me on Fair coin... what about the other two?

Still I am not so much in crypto. It was more the idea of fair and coop building than coin I was interested in.

Nice i agree with litecoin im buying with all spare money i have few dollars here and there

Good, I'm glad you agree with me on LiteCoin. This is a really good time to buy on a discount, and this is a really solid coin. I think we are a lot more likely to double your money on LiteCoin than we are with Bitcoin. All we need to do is double $1000 dollars ten times and then we are "automatically" millionaires! How easy, no?

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I already follow you, Minnowpond. Thank you for your upvote ! What do you think about my three choices?

Great topic .. Thanks for sharing

Ha! Thank you, Mahmoudh. I'm glad you liked what I wrote, and your short video made me laugh a lot. Is this you, or is it a joke? I am interested to know, did you agree or disagree with my three choices? Thanks for writing.

I am new to this cryptocurrencies game, I'm looking forward to learn all I can about it.

Nobody was born knowing anything. Your willingness to learn is your best asset. Learn to learn.

In my opinion Steemit is a great place for you to learn about all crypto currency, so you are in the right place. Think of it as being in a good University: you are surrounded by good teachers and smart fellow students.

Don't let anybody boss you. Don't accept what anybody says without thinking about it, and make your own decision. Don't follow my advice or anybody else's advice, but study what others say, and why they say it.
Then make your own decisions based on what you have learned from everybody, and your own intuition.

I would like to learn from you too, so stick around.

LTC is the little brother that no one really takes seriously. I think in the near term it will have the largest % gain out of the to 10 coins. For BTC to double it must hit approx. $8K. For LTC to double it must hit $140 (and that is still under valued imo). They can keep sleeping on it...I will keep buying.

Yes, I agree exactly with what you write. Litecoin is very similar to Bitcoin, but with a few improvements in my opinion. In the first place, it is easier to mine it because it is faster. And it is exactly 4 times more coins than Bitcoin. So if they both ever are totally issued (and if logic rules) then Litecoin should be worth one fourth as much as Bitcoin, some day.

I agree. I think it will take a while to reach 1/4th value of BTC; however, it still is very undervalued. Once atomic swaps on the lightning network takes place LTC will soar.

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LTC will grow big it will be like a silver to the Gold BTC

Yes. It is the little brother of BTC. But in my opinion it is a bit better than BTC, in some ways.

Hi @rejuvenation If I could politely point out Musicoin as a good investment. Low cost right now and lots of upside. Check out this article about one of their recent initiatives: They just wrapped up a promising pilot program with @theharddata
The Hard Data - Musicoin Pilot Program

Hello Deadlybuda... With more than 1000 coins in existence, I am sure there are many more than the three that I wrote about. I gave you the reasons why I chose these three, but I am sure there are others that I would also recommend to buy right now, if they meet the same criteria as the three that I chose.

As much as I wish that Musicoin will flourish and be accepted by the music community, it is not one that I would recommend buying right now. As you can see in my recommendations, FairCoin and CloakCoin both have gone UP when most other coins have gone DOWN. But Musicoin is one of those that has gone DOWN in this falling market, and it has gone DOWN about 50% from its high, which is more than the market has fallen. Furthermore, it didn't respond substantially when the market turned around on Sept 6 and 7, so I cannot recommend it as an investment. It is great for music lovers to back up their hobby, and I would give it "moral support" but I cannot recommend it as an investment... not at this time... perhaps in the future when it is well known.

By the way, I listened to your video as a disc jockey, and I liked it a lot! Congratulations! Keep it going. Invite me!

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