REDDCOIN: Replacement for Social Media Like Button

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Reddcoin is consolidating much like the rest of cryptocurrency. They all follow bitcoins movement unless there is some dramatic news that can serve as a catalyst. We did see a fairly strong move in Feb 2018 after being listed on the Korean Yobit exchange but has since faded following the fate of bitcoin.

However, Reddcoin is currently being used by content creators and you can check the sign-up rate on Twitter's Reddcoin Tipbot where members can sign up for a wallet and accept tips and contributions. There are over 20 thousand members who have already signed up for the twitter wallet and that number should continue to increase.


Looking at the chart, it doesn't look too promising at the time of this post as the 200 day moving average didn't provide much support and was quick to break that level to the downside but should be able to test that area again.

From here, it can move sideways in the red channel or upwards in the green channel. Even a move in the lower half of the green channel would be a good sign that this won't just implode. I expect it to move in the red channel for the foreseeable future and hope that it can switch path into the lower green channel. If it goes back up to the upper green channel, we can certainly argue that crypto's parabolic movements are back.

The next parabolic move can be supported if a social media platform like facebook or google's youtube implements it on their site. It's a big if but the revelation of Steemit may have now spoiled the big content creators and I'm sure they'll continue to find paths to further monetize their work.

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In this bear market a game can be great to lighten the mood :) Come check out Chibi Fighters. No levelling required.

We are already in Alpha 0.3 and just added Lore

It is normal status to rise or drop. Well, the key issue is what kind of investment tool is suitable for you. The article is impressive and it is useful for reference. Thank you.

Thank you for your input!

I've been staking reddcoin for about a year, I'm not disappointed. I don't see mass adoption anytime soon but it will go parabolic again.

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For some reason I've always like RDD...held on to a few for a while. I'd love to see it take off.

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what? bitcoin is down yet? somebody say it ll arrive 50000 usd. mmmm

lets go crypto!

Bitcoin continues to skyrocket.
The price is more than US $ 15 thousand, was predicted to touch US $ 60 thousand in 2018.

wow nice your post..i like your post..

For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 7636.00USD

REDD is still one of my favourite coins.

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