It's all steemit now, right? Haha I don't use snapchat or instagram anymore. I still use Facebook to message people but that's about it. No twitter either.

I just haven't cared about anything else since steemit came around! And now I agree, google is going bye bye haha

I would use facebook, to talk with you, that always has good topics of conversation, the rest I doubt.

You would still get redirected to Google even if you use Presearch though :P Their own search engine is not completed yet.

Not fully complete but hey. I did use their search engine without getting redirected and still found everything I needed. I even looked up a sort of obscure topic! Totally bypassed google!

Oh, I see now that they have released the first version of their own engine! That's great news :) When I began to use it, it would redirect the search to Google, but it seems like you can bypass this step now. So please disregard my previous comment then.

yeah and I bet it will keep improving over time! But I've found everything I needed so far through their engine :)!

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