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RE: The MASSIVE Tether Ticking Time BOMB

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Btw, will you do a video on dividends within crypto? I mean I've been able to figure out how to sell most of my bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, and some of these other alts like stellar lumens that give you there free coins if you just have bitcoin. I literally made around 24% from these airdrops and hard forks in 2017. Why would I remove myself from that even if price drops and the bubble does pop?


Well, the Past Market drops was about 90%.

There is a nice resistance Line at about 1.800$ for Bitcoin.

I wouldn't recommend to ride this Bear. ;)

Who cares, if it gets back up again? I probably will die and still have the same amount of BTC than today... :-)

I don't think so.

The next Pump will hopefully be without Bitcoin. It's simply outdated and up to 55$ TX-Fees ... WTF!

The Market will be better of with Ethereum, Litecoin and IOTA on Top.

Agreed, I will hate to seen BTC go but we do have to face reality. Even if they improve scalability & low fees, this will be at the expense of decentralization. No thanks, BTC

I send today Bitcoin and I paid around 50c for the transaction. The spam got cleared of the mempool and you dont need to pay 55$ for TX, you can of course, but you dont have too. And those things will be sorted out.

Oh ok - didn't know that - Thanks

I only used Litecoin since a few month.

I always use this ( to calculate optimal fee.

Yes, I'd like to talk about income-based investing in cryptocurrencies in future (forks, airdrops, masternodes, etc.). Part of the great part about investing in dividend stocks is that even if bubble pops, certain amount of profit is locked-in unless you are reinvesting (which, ironically is the recommended choice in stocks but may be less so in crypto given risk).

Very interesting. Richard Heart made a similar point in a recent video, that Bitcoin's real strength is the ability to collect 'dividends' from other projects that Fork of BTC- such as BCash, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, etc. Collecting Airdrops such as Byteball is also another benefit.

Neo kinda gives a dividend when you hold it, mining gas coin. So far it's worked. Idk how dividends would work because crypto is much different than traditional div paying stocks.

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