Who cares, if it gets back up again? I probably will die and still have the same amount of BTC than today... :-)

I don't think so.

The next Pump will hopefully be without Bitcoin. It's simply outdated and up to 55$ TX-Fees ... WTF!

The Market will be better of with Ethereum, Litecoin and IOTA on Top.

Agreed, I will hate to seen BTC go but we do have to face reality. Even if they improve scalability & low fees, this will be at the expense of decentralization. No thanks, BTC

I send today Bitcoin and I paid around 50c for the transaction. The spam got cleared of the mempool and you dont need to pay 55$ for TX, you can of course, but you dont have too. And those things will be sorted out.

Oh ok - didn't know that - Thanks

I only used Litecoin since a few month.

I always use this ( to calculate optimal fee.

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