Autonio's Holy Trinity of CryptoTrading: AI, Blockchain & Crypto.

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Autonio exploits crypto-asset volatility using an Artificially Intelligent robot on a blockchained network

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the core drivers of the blockchain space’s growth. After all, when every crypto-asset is capable of being transacted on an open market, the movement and circulation of value is only natural. It also serves to distribute an asset to potentially anyone around the world regardless of geography, a quality often overlooked. However, the current practice of trading crypto-assets involves constantly watching the market’s movements. The volatility of this market requires a level of vigilance that few are willing to provide and a level of experience and knowledge that few have cultivated.

The goal of Autonio is to “make sense of a chaotic multitude of crypto-assets” with a decentralized trading platform that utilizes user-customized artificially intelligent bots to trade assets on the market. Night and day. Rain or shine.

The platform brings tried and true trading strategies leveraged in diverse markets such as Wall Street, Forex, and high-frequency trading and brings them within reach of the non-technical user. There are virtually no limits to the various strategies given the many parameters that can be set and the current “behavior” of the market at any given time.


“Autonio integrates Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and CryptoTrading, which we believe is the Holy Trinity of CryptoTrading, a blockchained intelligent trading system,” says Project Lead Ali Raheman.


So how does a trading novice navigate the market without walking into a Darwinian landscape where only the strongest, or smartest, survive?

By encouraging the share of knowledge through a gamified experience, Autonio users can reward/be rewarded for accessing/providing strategies with the highest performance.


The platform will post a leaderboard of the users with the best stats. The top traders who get a spot on the leaderboard will be rewarded with NIO tokens. Users can also tip NIO to traders or pay a set price as a consultation fee. While NIO tokens help incentivize cooperation, they are also required to access the platform.


“NIO stands for the Nexus of Intelligent Operations. As the name suggests, it aims to be the connecting link between AI operations concerning crypto-assets on a blockchained network. It grants access to a blockchained system that protects and adds value to AI engine-calculated information and makes its secure exchange possible. It’s an ERC 20 token (for the initial release) generated using the GNEISS P2P Ethereum distribution system.”

NIO will be used to securely trade algorithms and optimizations, receive or offer trading consultancy, access the platform, and reward the most profitable strategies.

“We have chosen Ethereum as the platform for the reliability and strength of its network. Ethereum smart contracts will allow ease of integrating ERC 20 tokens as utility tokens within the Autonio application connecting the trading interface built on PHP, Javascript, with Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity. In the initial release, the platform works as a p2p software/app/service where the bot runs locally. The AI engine and all in-platform transactions including powering the bot, buying/selling/sharing of AI optimisations and computation of leaderboard works on our blockchained network. Our decentralized network ensures immutable, safe, and secure transactions using smart contracts. Any updates to the bot will be through this network, ensuring protection of the platform from outside attack.
Investors and users can expect major announcements about the architecture of this network soon."


Automated Nexus of Intelligent Operations (Autonio) is an AI powered robot and a platform for AI optimisations trading as the initial version, but it aims to be the connecting link between a blockchained intelligent network and the world of crypto-assets.

“The network will encourage third-party developers to build upon and integrate with Autonio. We have a bounty set for devs as incentive to build applications on this blockchained network and/or utilise our AI engine making Autonio the universal platform for undertaking intelligent operations. Hence we call the platform token the Nexus of Intelligent Operations or NIO.”

The future of Autonio is promising. It can be the first decentralized AI powered exchange that is simplified to the point where anybody can utilise the power of AI and still offer professional quality service.

Our technology has use cases outside of cryptocurrency trading. For example, in a decentralized creative commerce platform like Embermine, creators can distribute their work as creative asset tokens (digital bearer certificate, essentially) either through direct sale to customers or free distribution to holders of certain tokens ("rails"). Eventually there would be an excess of creative assets. Embermine users can then set an AI trading bot to sell these assets on an open market, generating a passive income through a distributed patronage system.

NIO Token sale begins 22nd September 00:00 GMT


Token sale Website & Prototype -

Bitcoin talk - https:/

Twitter -

Team :

Ali Raheman ( Project Manager )
LinkedIn Profile -

Michael Morton ( cheif financial officer ) (Founder/CEO at GNEISS (Global Network Encryption Investment Security Service), Founder/CEO at Morton Bitcoin Management)
LinkedIn Profile-

Parth Darji (echnical Cofounder @Etho, Head
Linkedin Profile:

Advisors & Partners


Ismail malik (Founder & CEO at Blockchain Lab + ICO Strategist)
LinkedIn Profile-

Andrew Wagner ( Director of public relation for Bitcoin cooperation)
LinkedIn Profile

James Drake (CEO at Embermine)
LinkedIn Profile -

Jonathan millet ( CE0 at News Btc)
LinkedIn Profile -

Darren Franceschini (CEO of Blockchain Technologies Consulting. Co-Founder of Blocksale)
Linkedin Profile:

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thank you for share !

Crowdsale is now live!

Can't wait to start using this platform. Love to see how profit can be used to make the playing field more leveled for everyone. Yes progress speeds up when there is monetary incentive, but also it is important that distribution of wealth is spread so we can make more robust systems. Thank you for leading this effort with your team.

It's interesting that you talk of "spreading the wealth". When Obama talked about spreading the wealth during his election campaign, this is how he got memed:
Alt Text

I hope you did not take the TERMS "SPREADING THE WEALTH" as some code for a socialist/communistic agenda.

What I mean by spreading the wealth is creating fairer systems. Systems like those being built on the blockchain today which take out the central authorities that enrich themselves. Or maybe I am just a socialist idiot because I used those words. This is the problem with main stream media and those educated by it.

I absolutely see what you are saying, and fully agree with you. But unfortunately this is how the mainstream media along with some shortsighted ultra rightist rumor-mongers make it out to be.

Do you know America's racial wealth divide is so serious that a latest research from Institute for Policy Studies predicts that median black household wealth will be ZERO by 2053. Check it out here:

Wonderful. Check out this platform.. Seems like it's going to be fire. :D

Thank you for the support!
Crowdsale is now live :)

Hi, rahemanali! I just resteemed your post!
I am a new, simple to use and cheap resteeming bot.
If you want to know more about me, read my introduction post.
Good Luck!

Can't wait for this project to launch. This could be a game changer traders at any skill level.

That's what our team believes too :)

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