Simplifying the Crypto Exchange Experience


The story behind design improvements on QRYPTOS

By Jon Myers, QUOINE Chief Design Officer

At QUOINE we’re dedicated to building and maintaining the most user-friendly and advanced exchange platforms in the world.

As part of our mission in serving the needs of both beginner and advanced traders, we would like to announce the release of some major usability upgrades we’re rolling out today on QRYPTOS.

We’ve spent countless hours researching user needs, listening to our users and meeting with people like yourself in order to make these improvements.

We thought we would open up our process and allow you to understand what improvements we’ve made and what informed those improvements.

What follows is a brief rundown on how we aim to simplify our exchange experience. As always, we appreciate your thoughts and feedback as we work to improve and better serve you.

Top line navigation improvements

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve made some improvements to the top-line navigation. Additionally, you’ll notice a menu, which can be accessed on the far right to quickly navigate to your account area.


The wallets area, removing clutter

A common challenge for users can be to see their combined total asset value, balances for crypto assets in their exchange wallet and to navigate through long lists of crypto assets.


As you now enter the QRYPTOS Wallet area, you will now be able to see a snapshot of your combined asset values at the top of the screen.

Further, we’ve reduced the clutter in the list of crypto assets. Now, in order to take action on a crypto asset, simply hover and you can:

● View transactions
● Make deposits
● Make withdrawals

Smoother workflows, easier search and more focus

We wanted to make the flows between navigating crypto assets and taking action on them smoother, easier to search and to bring more focus into critical tasks. This way, we hope to eliminate any possibility of user error, so it’s clear to users what task their doing and what crypto they’re focused on.

QRYPTOS Deposits

Additionally, we’ve made it easier for you to add withdrawal addresses and securely withdraw funds from your exchange wallets. All the actions are contained in front of you, in full view.

QRYPTOS Withdrawals

Improving the accounts area and verification process

If you visit your accounts area, you’ll notice we’ve made a number of improvements there that focus on usability, readability and making it easier for you to verify your user profile.

QRYPTOS Verification

6.pngQRYPTOS Security Settings

QRYPTOS Application Settings

Basic and advanced trading

Finally and most importantly, we’re working hard to improve our trading experience. We’ve made a number of improvements here to enhance the readability and organization of the trading environment. We’ll be making even more improvements in the weeks to come.

QRYPTOS Advanced Trade

Tell us what you think and feature requests

We love hearing from our users and welcome your thoughts and feedback. Further, get involved and help us shape the future of the exchange. We have a special place set up to field user requests.

Please visit Liquid Feedback — and drop us a line.

Thanks and happy trading.

See the results in action on QRYPTOS now.


Totally improved.Good updated.

I love it! This is one of the easiest and cleanest exchanges that I have an account on, it is very easy for me to see and simple to use. Please consider adding two coins that I'm currently invested in that are not on QRYPTOS: Spectiv (SIG) and Scorum (SCR), Both of these tokens have just released partially functioning platforms and they will both be adding increased functionality over the next few weeks. They will also each be launching advertising campaigns now that they have working products. Besides Steemit these are my two largest holdings, and I'm hoping that the launch of these platforms will help me increase my position in Qash.

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