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In my opinion:

Today, last year, Jul 02, 2017, Bitcoin was around $2,514. Right now, it's sittin at around $6360. Bitcoin is a deflationary currency that is being adopted by the global community due to its groundbreaking issuance model, hyper evolutionary fundamentals (its buildin up acceleration, we only year 9), and anti-censorship properties. It also demonstrates a radical new governance model with cryptographically immutable voting. Thats cool.

I recommended it from about $1900 to till $9500.. to my friends, then just watched when it went from 10k to 20k back to 5.5k... then recommending that people study it, or throw 5 bux a week in to collect satoshis (bitcoin's cents) wit dat Dollar Cost Averaging ... About .05% of people seriously considered what I was saying.

Now, here we are, 1 year later, Bitcoin has gotten some sweet upgrades and is faster and cheaper than it used to be. There are more upgrades on the horizon, groundbreaking next gen blockchain variants battling it out in a hyper darwinism to determing which upgrades bitcoin will want to adsorb (not that thats all altcoins are good for, Im not a BTC maximalist, ok well maybe a tiny bit). Survival of the fittest still a driving factor, even in digital life. Bitcoin (BTC) is in the process of being listed on almost all major stock exchanges in the world (I positive it will be on all of them). These legacy systems are trying to adapt, but a new wave of evolved smart assets is here, so good luck with that (not).

BTC also can link, via an app, to a Shift debit card and can be used anywhere in the world that accepts VISA. And, curiously, it has followed, to the T, new technology adoption charts, the typical hype cycle chart, and textbook classic Eliot wave theory. Hmmmmm Interesting thoughts to ponder. Maybe warrants some INVESTIGATION! I have lived through one Eliot wave, and studied 2 prior occurrences, and I am READY for the next one. I think its gonna happen somewhere in between the next couple months to a year (we shall see) maybe 2. I can wait.

The next wave will hit though, due to, and indicated by, the open source immutable issuance algorithms, and the societal adoption indicators, taking btc up towards 25, 50, 100k (then another 70+ % drop to a low of 20-30k). This will keep happening, but the higher it gets, the less severe the swings will be, as it gradually stabilizes.

When the next sharp rise happens, historically and invariably a bunch of people will hit me up, asking me what to do. DONT BE THOSE PEOPLE... research it now. If any of yall want help getting set up, I can give you a really affordable, sliding scale consulting rate now. Once BTC is jumping up and Im getting inundated with communications again, we goin into plumber pricing territory lol.

1 hour research and 5$ a week into BTC, is all you need to be ahead of the heard. It seriously boggles my mind that more people aren't doing this, even after I write out logical arguments to at least do some actual research.

Well there was another spontaneous bitcoin rant, another 20 minutes of my life, trying to help y'all out, for free. You can make it up to me by watching this great QnA with a very successful legacy investor who has made the early transition to the Cryptosphere. This video is one of the best I have seen yet! It is so clear, yet from the perspective of a legacy system, so slightly easier to understand. All the fiat currencies will be replaced with inflationary, centralized versions but they will retain many of the same, greed inspired flaws from their predecessors.

Late night stoner rant OUT! Enjoy someone much more intelligent than I. Bless

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