||| Stay Cool & Celebrate ||| Chariots of Fire by Master Vangelis |||

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Overnight Bitcoin broke the 10k$ barrier with great confidence!

Today therefore time to share some tunes with you to:

  1. Celebrate - in case you were in BTC
  2. Keep Your Cool - in case you were in Alt's

Early 80s, Vangelis composed the music for the movie "Chariots of Fire". A story about the struggle and challenges of couple of track athletes to prepare for the Olympics in 1924 and eventually the victory at the GAMES!

This is one of the most beautiful music Vangelis has composed (it received an Oscar for good reasons) and I'm pretty sure this will be a good companion for you to sit out the magic - or better said, the rollercoaster ride - happening in cryptospace.

Steem to the Moon? MAYBE


Crypto to the Moon? DEFINITELY

Artist: Vangelis
Album: Chariots of Fire OST
Year: 1981
Country: UK

Keep Your Cool & NJOY


Five Circles
Abraham's Theme
Eric's Theme
100 Metres
Chariots Of Fire







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Vangelis is one of my favourite composers!
I love his music!!!

Then we are in the same corner, It was for sure one of my most favourite composers back in the days; But still, I listen to his work quite regularly.

This is my first time listening to his music, it sounds good, though pretty long.

Let’s steem on, the evolution of cryptos is unstoppable.

It is the whole soundtrack, hence the length :) NJOY the listen. You may also like his soundtrack for the documentary/movie Antarctica here, the movie I also included in that post.

Memories of my childhood...I instantly fell in love with chariots of fire the first time I heard it on TV, it has that promising and hope rebuilding sound that made me as a kid sense the passion for music and composing from an early age. Vangelis is a Master of it's own and I respect the man for continuously being a modern composer even for ages to come.

True True, I remember this guy playing an outdoor gig in the city of Rotterdam. He was somewhere at the river side with the speakers directed to the other side and with a massive light and laser show. It must have been late 80s, for that time an amazing show.

Love the song choices, chariots of fire is one of my favorite movies. :)

It is for sure a good movie! The music is even better IMHO :)

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