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RE: Why EOS can "pull an ETH" in 2018

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Where is this gigantic EOS community you speak of in point number 2? Biggest community in crypto by far? Please back that up with actual numbers and sources...I think we're probably in agreement that community is a big indicator of strength, but I'm having a hard time seeing it.

And for that reason, I'm out.

J/k, I own some EOS and keep flipping back and forth about whether or not I'll buy more. I just don't see anything great coming to the platform in this opening salvo of projects.


Tellegram has around 60k members, one of the biggest I have seen . There are some massive wechat groups in China and Korea. Where most of the volume comes from

One example of a huge project launching on EOS is called ONO, its a Chinese based social media platform. Their wechat has over 1 million users waiting to get on it...

Thanks. The Telegram number is impressive... I'll look more closely into ONO as that seems to be the most promising project yet.

Yea, honestly they havent even announced any if the projects that the 1.5billion VC fund is going to be supporting, besides Everipedia. I think for legal reasons they arent going to announce any until after launch.