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What is the Internet of Things?

We live in a time when everything starts to automate. Try to ask your parents, how they lived, when they have 20.

When we go shopping, there is an automatic payment terminal.

If you have a flight to your vacation. You can also notice that at the Airport the computer itself recognizes whether your face matches the picture on the passport and only if you have a bad match with your photo on your ID a physical worker will check you out.

Look at all those smart homes. When you are going home, you can set your temperature, turn up music, open the blinds and many other things are already automated.

When you have an accident, the car will call you an ambulance!

Every year there is a bigger opportunity for companies, who are involved in IoT industry

According to one of the largest insurance companies, AIG, IoT has the potential to reach $ 14.4 trillion in 2020 and start a new economic era.



Why is this interesting for us? How can cryptocurrencies benefit from it?

We all know what are the advantages of the blockchain. Crypto and blockchain can be very useful for this industry. There is a big demand for security, data storage, the immutability of inserted data. Let's take a look at aviation, for example, where blockchain can record flight hours of individual pilots and avoid frauds.

Logistics, where sensors can record times, places and temperatures in freezer vans.

It's a world of endless possibilities. What cryptocurrencies have a chance to cut something from this big pack of opportunities? For me it's VET and you'll learn about it next time.

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This is the great and amazing post @podnikatel. Absolutely In near future the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are going to be a very large and great thing.I like deeply blockchain technology..Thank you very much for this post..


Thank you for your support. I will try to provide more interesting posts :-).

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well great thinking, but i hope that nobody will doing bad things, like controlling some other person!!!


Yes, science can be dangerous in bad hands. Look on China or the USA, they can track nearly everyone with technology. It´s like money. With the money, you can build a beautiful house, help many people or fulfil your dreams. Or you can do very bad things...


Yes, everything have a good or bad side :-)