What is PlayerVsPlayerCoin

PlayerVsPlayerCoin started out as a table top game. The creator, Edward Nolan was into developing card games at the time when he created the first paper board game version back in 2015. He quickly learned that the game could be played as a single player, even though it was a table top card game at the time. After countless hands of test playing, Ed decided he might enjoy it more if it was a computer game, so he started off coding a loop in javascript of cards being turned over, and the rest is history.


After one year of coding the game and many other people play testing it, Ed saw how the game could be turned into a multiplayer, player vs player parimutuel type game. A game where people are going against each other and not against a house. Since Ed was a frequent visitor to the horse racing tracks he quickly realized his version of the card game could match certain aspects of a horse track tote board.


During the second year of coding the multiplayer version, Ed wasn't even slightly into crypto currencies. It wasn't until the 4th year of the project that Ed finally started trading Bitcoin. He got in when Bitcoin was $750 dollars, and started trading with only $30. It was in that year Ed learned not only about mining with video cards and cpu's, he also started stake mining. Ed stake mined to the point of having over 40 wallets, with hundreds of thousands of coins. A real dream come true story. It was also near the end of this year Ed started looking into somehow having a real crypto currency for the game, instead of the in game play money.

Ed wanted to create a fun interactive wallet experience where the game itself was a part of the coins wallet. Ed saw that if done correctly the game could also produce blocks and mine coins directly to the same wallet. All of this testing and figuring out, came out of his decision to first try and understand blockchains by coding a javascript version. Through trial and error Ed finally had his first web based test version. However, the coins produced would never be real due to the fact that Ed lacked the knowledge of communications for that version.

Going a step further Ed decided to figure out the best way to bring to market the vision he so long worked at. At one point he figured out that the javescript web based version could be packaged using Electron, so he set out to make the first ever DAPP version of the game. Again however, it lacked communications. Therefore the coins where simply test coins going no where.

Not taking defeat for an answer, Ed then decided to shelve the DAPP version idea for now, so he could shift his focus on cloning, and forking an existing currency to answer the call of network communications. After several reviews of coins, and failed attempts at cloning certain coins, Ed knew for certain he didn't want an ERC20 token. He also knew that once the game becomes playable in the wallet that masternodes would be a major player for the network, and mining as we know it, would no longer be necessary due to the coins being rolled out through the game itself. So Ed made the decision to fork DOGE.


With the communications issue solved for now, Ed made the hard decision to use Discord https://discord.gg/s4d5vfG as the platform for the massive marketing campaign he is still currently running. When I spoke with Ed he told me he only pre-mined 777,777 coins and mined up to a total of having just over 900,000 coins. He then made the decision to shut off his 21 core cpu to give everyone else a fair chance to mine, and receive bounty rewards he created. His focus now is on bringing awareness to the coin and helping people obtain some PVP. "It's not like a block is producing 1000 coins per block", Ed said. "Each block only produces 42 coins and we are just now reaching block 10,000." https://twitter.com/PureNoel

When I asked Ed to explain in more detail about the coin he told me, "The total coin supply is 84,357,777 and each transaction needs 12 confirmations." He also said the target time for each block is 8 minutes. When I pressed Ed for more details regarding the Master Nodes his eyes just lit up. "These are the work horses!" Ed said. " Each Master Node is set to receive 54% of each block mined, and 888 coins will be needed with 777 confirmations before being able to participate in the RIO. When I asked Ed why he choose so many confirmations, he told me he wanted to have a number that not only represented gaming, but he wanted a number that people would see and understand that it wouldn't be an easy few days of waiting, but that the wait would be worth it once the game code is live; and the rewards start being shared. He also said he made that decision to separate the real Master Node partners who have strong hands, from the weak. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4962284.0

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered financial advice and serves only as informative material. The cryptocurrency market is subject to high volatility and regulatory uncertainty. You should do a substantial amount of research before engaging in financial activities with cryptocurrencies.


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