There is a new scam going on for those who own my ether wallet. Make sure you don't open or transfer money into any wallet address sent to you via email. I got this message recently, I know it is a scam but for those who don't know, this is a scam alert. The official website of MyEtherWallet is Their support team is [email protected] and they will never ever tell you to send money to a wallet address you didn't create and they will never tell you to send money via email.

This scammer isn't good enough, imagine he used a free domain name. Such a poor thief. The information below is the message sent to my email by this scammer.

The email address used in sending this email is: [email protected]
The email subject is: Action Required
The sender's name is: MyEtherWallet.

We're writing to let you know that MyEtherWallet is updating its Privacy Policy as of June 4, 2018. Also, we're updating our blockchain system to reflect changes in data privacy laws, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union.

Because of this. your personal Ether Address will be changed on June 4.

So to make sure you will not lose all your coins. please transfer your coins to your fresh new personal Ether Address below. which was generated automatically.


After June 4, you should use your new Ether Address Your private key will be the same. All transactions fees will be refunded to you after updating. We never ask your private key and passwords.



pretty obvious i'd say

Just to many scammer around here. I guess we all have to learn it! I have to admit I fell for a scam once (gladly only lost about 200 bucks) but it was completely my fault. It was back when I started with cryptos and I had literally no clue about what I was doing. That is why I tell everybody new in crypto: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

Many scams are obvious scams like the one you write about and literally everybody that knows the general basics about crypto will not fall for it. Sadly there are still to much people out there involved in the market with literally no clue.

I agree with you. I know most people around me don't even know what they are doing in crypto. They fall for anything and everything they see.

Thank you very much for your contribution, it is important that you share and that we actually share this information, because many of us have had to create those wallets. thanks for the message, I'll share it

Thanks for informing us about this latest scam!

You are welcome.

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Thank you for that infomration!

Funny scam email. Thanks.

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